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Adele Station is the older sister of Queen Amberly and is a supporting character in The Selection Series.


Originally a Four, working as a factory worker, Adele became a One after her younger sister, Amberly, won the Selection and became the queen of Illéa. In The Queen, she was the one who sent letters to Amberly, which is something May would do to America years later, during her own Selection.

Adele was born and raised with her siblings (Aaron, Ainsley and Amberly) in a tiny house in the south, right by the coast of Honduragua in Illéa. She is said to not like the idea of having everybody looking in on her life of royalty and likes to escape. She was close with her sister and knew her very well.


Adele appears to have a wise and calm demeanor, but is said to not enjoy the life of royalty and having everyone watch her, leading people to believe she has a free spirit. She also seems to have a taste for wine. Adele is a liked person by America Singer, though Emmica Brass claims she is vulgar.


  • She is two years older than Amberly.
  • She is the one who told America that Amberly had three miscarriages.