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Ahren has blond hair and brown eyes, like a mini version of his father. According to one of Josie's friends, he's "handsome" and, when he was walking away from Eadlyn, Josie and her friends "basically melted at the sight of his face." This comment, however, might not be based totally on his looks, but more on just him being there. His younger brother Kaden is like a mini version of him.


Ahren is more aware than Eadlyn of the feelings the people of Illéa have. He makes his feelings known, most of the time, and has a personality that is sweet around someone like Camille, or very protective, like when he punched Jack Ranger for touching Eadlyn inappropriately. He also is shown to be one of the people that Eadlyn's looks up go for Eadlyn


  • According to Kiera Cass, Ahren "may be Eadlyn's twin, but he is not her mirror".
  • His name is pronounced "AIR-en... like Aaron or Erin, but not".
  • Ahren's birthday is April 16. His star sign is Aries. His birthstone is Diamond.
  • Ahren is the second of the four children of America and Maxon, with Eadlyn being the eldest (by 7 minutes) and Kaden (younger by 4 years) and Osten (younger by 8 years) being his 2 younger brothers.
  • He is naturally good at math.
  • He is also talented at writing.
  • Josie Woodwork had a huge crush on him.
  • No one knows Eadlyn like Ahren does.
  • He can speak French fluently.
  • A bonus scene, a love letter from Ahren to Camille, is included in the Barnes & Noble edition of The Heir. It can be read here.
  • Aspen taught him how to use a saber.
  • According to Kile Woodwork, Ahren had his first kiss with an Italian girl. Unfortunately, during this time he had a really bad cold and he sneezed mid-kiss. As a result there was snot everywhere and Kile didn't see the kiss, but he was there for the aftermath.
  • According to Eadlyn, Kerttu is as charming as Ahren.