Ally Shell is a woman featured in The Crown. She and her husband, Brenton Shell, were part of the "town hall" meeting that Princess Eadlyn held to help quell post-Caste discontent.

Biography Edit

In Zuni, the Shells were friends with a couple named Nic and Ellen. When their friends moved, they tried to as well, though the price for the same area's rent doubled. Ally and Brenton had been trying to leave their neighborhood, Ally citing that it wasn't safe there, and that they wanted to possibly start a family. The changes of price had been causing them issues when trying to rent several apartments.

Brenton was hopeful that they would be able to move due to the meeting, or at the very least it "might help things" though Ally was "clearly trying not to get her hopes up."

Personality Edit

Ally seems to be quieter, though kind as she was reluctant to suggest the landlords were being discriminatory towards them.

Appearance Edit

Ally and Brenton both wore "nice clothes" that "looked like they had done their best to scrape together." Both spouses are young.

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