Amy Everheart was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Three chosen for Prince Maxon's Selection.

Biography Edit

Before the taping of Illéa Capitol Report on a Friday, Amy sat in front of America Singer and Marlee Tames. She asked them to check for pins falling out of her hair, as she felt like they were. Marlee checked and helped Amy.

During a History Lesson with Silvia later, Amy answered a question correctly.

When Janelle Stanton was eliminated, Amy was involved in the discussion of the girls over the cause of her elimination. "No one said anything to me about it," was Amy's response to a question the girls had over rules and discussing the causes of elimination which prompted other girls to shake their heads and disprove the theory.

Amy was the 13th girl to go home from the Selection, after Southern Rebels invaded the castle and she asked to return home along with Fiona Castley and Tallulah Bell.

Appearance Edit

Amy might have curly hair as she did for an edition of the Illéa Capitol Report but her could have been curled for the filming.

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