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Anne was a supporting character in The Selection Series. She was the head maid of America Singer's three maids, along with Mary and Lucy. She and Mary made many of America's clothes.


Anne was one of three maids America had and seemed to be in charge of the other two, Lucy and Mary. It was not certain how old each maid is, but Anne seemed to have been the most mature. Anne was an orphan when she was taken in by the palace, because they needed staff. She liked her job a lot and was very honored to be a palace maid, especially in the service of America. However, she had dreams of her own. She wanted to get married and have a good life.

As the story progressed, Anne began to fall for Aspen Leger. Realizing that Lucy also liked him, she felt dejected and had some quarrels with her, but the two maids still continued being good friends. America offered to talk to Aspen in her favor, without knowing that Lucy also had feelings for him. However, when America spoke with him and revealed Anne's interest, Aspen thought of her as "too rigid." Anne is "simply gone" during the Southern rebels' attack at the end of The One.


Being the head maid, Anne was very mature, organized, and responsible. As with the other two maids, she showed a deep respect and something close to adoration towards Prince Maxon. They supported and helped America stand out from the other Selected girls. Through the Selection, Anne made the perfect dress and hairstyle for each occasion, thinking that her lady would make a wonderful queen and a great match for the prince and country. Anne's sewing skills were incredible, as she was even able to perform stitches on America's arm after she was shot. She was tactful and trustworthy, as she didn't mention this incident to anyone and she didn't ask any questions. Although Anne was usually serious and Aspen thought of her as rigid, she was actually fun company, and in her free time she enjoyed talking with the other maids and America.