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Ashley Brouillette's quiet, refined demeanor sets her apart immediately as a lady. As she walks through the crowd, she wears a humble expression not too different from the face of the queen herself.
Gavril Fadaye comparing Ashley to Queen Amberly

Ashley Brouillette was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Three chosen for the Selection.


Along with Marlee Tames, America Singer, and Celeste Newsome, Ashley was from the Northeast and came from the province, Allens.

She arrived at the airport with Marlee around thirty minutes after America. Both Ashley and Marlee were smiling. Their bags were being carried by their aides. Marlee introduced America to Ashley and Ashley waved with a smile. When America and Marlee discussed good-looking actors, Ashley would giggle rather than join in with the conversation. She would answer questions, but not ask them, with a "guarded smile." When Celeste arrived at the airport, Ashley was intimidated.

During the flight to Angeles, Ashley took out some paper she'd packed and started to write letters and her adventures on a foldout desk which America thought was clever of her. On the ride to the Palace, Ashley sat next to Marlee in front of America and Celeste. Marlee had many supporters for her while Celeste had more than Ashley. Ashley, however, had more than America. Ashley was modest over this fact.

For makeovers, Ashley was at station five and America was at station six

In the Dining Hall, Ashley's assigned seat was beside America (and possibly beside Tiny Lee and possibly adjacent from Kriss Ambers). During the Illéa Capital Report, when the girls watched it on the TV, Ashley had good things said about her, even being compared to Queen Amberly Schreave. At dinner, it seemed some of the girls were jealous of America's very positive review on the Illéa Capital Report. It appeared that even Ashley was a little jealous as she "had her lips pouted and didn't speak to" America during dinner.

The next day, Ashley sat at the desk to the right of America, picking her seat. America complimented Ashley and they discussed Ashley's jewlery. Ashley enjoyed wearing it, though talked about how "heavy" it was. Ashley revealed that she thought she might win. When Prince Maxon entered the room, Ashley became nervous. While the private meetings between Maxon and the Selected Girls were going on, America joked to Marlee and Ashley over their earlier discussion of good-looking actors which Marlee and Ashley found funny. The cameramen went to the girls sitting down, but America didn't talk as much as Ashley, preferring to let Ashley speak instead.

During Ashley's private meeting with Maxon, he knew that he wasn't connecting with her. According to Maxon, she "was so dismally wrong for me" and asked her to stay behind with seven others girls. She began crying when the group was told that they were being eliminated. Despite being upset, Ashley hugged Maxon. He considered letting her stay after she spoke to him, but did not. She gave him a smile before leaving.

She came back to palace with all other Selected girls to celebrate the engagement, and then the marriage of Maxon and America.


Despite her delicate personality, Ashley wanted to win the Selection, and was displeased when America got praised for talking to people at the airport. However, it seemed that Ashley wanted to be friends with her and Marlee, despite her jealousy.


Ashley had light blonde hair (possibly platinum) and very blue eyes. The words most used when talking about Ashley were "delicate" and "elegant." She was very nervous, however, when it came to Prince Maxon and got fidgety, which contradicted with her normally calm demeanor. When America first met Ashley, she noticed how fragile and ladylike she looked.

According to America, Ashley has blonde hair only lighter than Marlee and blue eyes that makes her peaceful face delicate.She likes to wear a lot of jewelry as stated in The Selection.


  • Ashley was kind to Maxon even after being dismissed. This made Maxon have second thoughts about her, but he was firm with his decision.
  • She stated in The Prince that she really thought she had a chance and was sad that it was over so quickly.
  • Her name came from a video contest Kiera Cass had put on her youtube channel. The real Ashley Brouillette won the right to have her name in the book with a video called "All I want for Christmas is The Siren" on