Astra Orders is a character appearing in The One and mentioned in The Heir.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Astra is the daughter of James and Kenna, and the granddaughter of Shalom and Magda Singer. She is also the niece of Kota, America, May, Gerad and Maxon. She was born in the beginning of The One, a few weeks before Christmas. She has a younger brother, Leo.

Astra's mother died years ago before the beginning of The Heir because of cardiac problems. Her father is a simple man, so he didn't want to raise Astra and Leo in the palace, even though America's family offered several times. Her family have kept in touch with them and especially their cousins Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Osten, but she and Eadlyn are very different girls.

During The Heir, Astra was having a dance recital on a Saturday, which May wanted to attend along with Leo's game the day before. May stated that Astra was "really coming along," and that it was noticeable that she had an artist for a mother.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Astra" means "myrtle" in Median language and "stars" in Greek language.
  • When America first sees her, she mentions that "Astra's little face was serene as she slept, and every few seconds she'd unclench her tiny fist or fidget just a bit. She was breathtaking".
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