Avery was a supporting character in The Guard and The One.


Avery is a guard at the palace and the roommate of Aspen Leger. Aspen noted him to be "my friend, the best I have". Avery first appeared in the novella when waking Aspen up in the beginning. Then, when talking to Aspen, Avery talked about being disgusted at first by America's slightly traitorous actions in the Selection competition, but later realized that there might be something behind them that he doesn't know. The next time Aspen saw Avery in the hall, the latter wasn't in the mood to talk.

Avery with Aspen helped Maxon and America to secretly meet the leaders of the Northern Rebels, August Illéa and Georgia Whitaker. When they were attacked by Southern rebels, the two officers successfully protected Maxon and America, with the help of the Northern rebels.


Avery is very smart, figuring things out that most people wouldn't have figured out, such as why the maids and cooks were amazed by America. Avery is also very loyal to the crown and never disobeys orders. He also has mood swings; some days he is talkative and others he sulks.

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