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Bariel Pratt was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Two chosen for the Selection.


Bariel lived in the same section of the Palace "tucked around a corner in a little hallway" along with fellow Selected America Singer, Tiny Lee, and Jenna Banks.

She formed a fragile friendship with Celeste Newsome, although they also antagonized each other, both searching for ways to win Prince Maxon's attention and outshine the other candidates. As America Singer noted, they had "singled each other out right away as the other’s strongest competition". However, she was not as cunning and scheming as Celeste. Her picture was chosen for the magazine (along with Marlee Tames and Tallulah Bell). Because of that, Celeste never talked to her again.

She was eliminated for safety reasons when Prince Maxon decided after a Southern Rebels' attack to speed up the Selection and cut the remaining 19 girls down to the six Elite.


Bariel had hair "straight as a bone and so pale blond it looked white." Her hair was long and reached her waist, but her most noticeable feature was that she had big breasts. America also said that Bariel was "beautiful, but in a typical way."