• Ashley2025

    Hello everyone! I just finished The Crown, after rereading my whole collection of the books, which I am thrilled to say I now own (Thanks for the Christmas present, Grandma!) ! I've read it so many times that I have lost count, and that sparked a question in my mind: How many times have you all, being the Selection Fandom Community, read The Selection Series? I would love to know, and can't wait to see how many times you guys have read the books! Make sure to comment your answers!!

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  • Eszterrrka

    Hey everybody! In today's post I mix two things I adore: Disney and The Selection series. So today we'll speak about in which Caste would be the characters from some Disney movies in Illéa.

    To remember the Caste System:

    One: The royalty and religious figures.

    Two: Celebrities; including athletes, singers, actors/actresses, models, politicians, police officers, firefighters, guards, and military members

    Three: Businessmen including inventors, teachers, philosophers, scientists, doctors, veterinarians, nurses, dentists, architects, librarians, engineers, therapists/psychologists, film directors, music producers, lawyers, and writers.

    Four: Jewelers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, head chefs, construction managers, property/business owners…

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  • I am Hermoinie Jean Granger

    I am so horrified that I did not find this wiki before. Please let me find more wiki’s that are about good books.

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  • Fotini Parker


    May 25, 2018 by Fotini Parker

    Hey so let me tell you what GCF means. It means Gabby Chloe and Fotini, Gabby and Chloe are my best friends and that's about it and I don't know what I would do without them.BYE

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  • Charlotteschreavedilaurentis


    February 11, 2017 by Charlotteschreavedilaurentis


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  • Fandom.Darkness

    The Selection Movie?

    September 25, 2016 by Fandom.Darkness

    As many of you know, Kiera Cass is working on getting "The Selection," to become a movie. In honor of this, I'd like to see who you would want to be the cast! All you have to do is suggest you opinion for who should play America, Maxon, Aspen, Marlee, Celeste, or anybody else you want. Have fun!

    Information on the Selection movie:

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  • NickieID


    July 31, 2016 by NickieID

    I've made complete Family Tree of Eadlyn Shreave.

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  • Maddismith379
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  • Lizschreave


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  • Cezca airoso0358

    During the Countrdown for The Crown we were given a Selection Coloring page

    (press for the site to download the coloring page)

    On December 27, as announced in the Epic Reads page, we are going to have a "The Selection Coloring book"

    with scenes (Maxon kissing America in the balcony, The Elite members, America and Maxon's wedding day, etc.) and quotes from the book that we can color :)

    (press for the link)

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  • Cezca airoso0358

    Did Eadlyn Schreave just found her moms old dress??

    Check out this Selection Inspired photoshoot by Bethany Bee, the models name is Cora Stone. :)

    check out this link for more photos 

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  • Mina18

    The Barnes & Noble special edition of The Crown includes a bonus epilogue.

    If you don't mind SPOILERS, you can read it here. The original Tumblr post is NOT mine.


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  • MarleeWoodwork
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  • Mina18

    Chapters 1 and 2 of The Crown have been released on iBooks as a sneak peek.

    If you don't mind spoilers, feel free to read them.



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  • KittyKat617

    Boston Comic Con

    April 6, 2016 by KittyKat617

    I am going to Boston Comic Con this year and I am so excited. I get to see Karen Gillian and Jenna Coleman, two great people from Doctor Who and Gardians of the Galaxy, two amazing peices of media. I am also excited to announce, though I was originally going as Amy Pond, then America, I have finally decided to go as Marlee! It's going to be so much fun, but I'm not sure about one thing. Should I go as Marlee on a normal day in the Selection, in her Halloween costume, or, in her new life with Carter. Though I'm leaning towards the Halloween costume, I'll be needing some help deciding. Anyone have any opinions or help with one or more of these cosplays?

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  • PerilSkywing

    Kriss as the Queen

    March 17, 2016 by PerilSkywing

    If America had died in the rebel attack, what do you think would have happened between Maxon and Kriss?

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  • KittyKat617

    Selection Movie

    January 25, 2016 by KittyKat617

    As you may or may not know, Warner Bros. has bought movie rights to The Seletion!!! The Selection also had a shot at a T.V. series, but it was, according to Keria Cass, a bad idea. Now, we have something better (which Kerria Cass aproves of) a movie! Nothing is final about the cast, but we do know that Black List writer Katie Lovejoy, will be writing the script, and Keria Cass has approved the first draft of of the script. Right now, they are only developing the first book into a movie, but it will most likely go on. There is no proper release date for the movie at this time.

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  • AmericaShreave

    America Shreave/Singer

    December 22, 2015 by AmericaShreave

    America is a very talented young lady from Carolina. She can sing, and play many instruments, and speaks three languages fluently.

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  • Selectioner6541

    Hello Selectioners!

    Ahh, so good to be back after a lot of school days, don't you think? I missed you guys, really. I've been kind of homesick, actually. But this dawg is back!

    As you may have remembered, on October 8, the cover for The Crown was revealed. Yes, the purple dress. And, after I saw the cover, I had a lot of reactions like, "Mah gersh!!!", "Uhhh...", "Umm, how do we do this?", "It's here!", "It's Eadlyn!", "That's her, right?", and "Kasy, my cereal!". After I said all those, I still spent an hour taking it in, and honestly, my perfectionism was annoyed at how the dress wasn't puffy enough to... you know, cover the entire word. Like, do you see how the letter N is out of place? 

    So, long story short, I didn't really like the cover…

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  • Livi24

    How does their military work?

    December 15, 2015 by Livi24

    Okay, so I really need fandom help with this since I dont really understand it, I cant find any sources that are helping to the extent I need, and Im pretty new to the series in general (only 1 1/2 books through so far!). Im still confused on how exactly Aspen became a soldier.

    I get that he chose to on his own, but doesnt that go against the whole point of moving up in the caste system? Why wouldnt all 7s join in that case to be fed better and have more options? Could someone please explain this to me?

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    Maxon Schreave

    November 3, 2015 by MRS SCHREAVE

    I have been reading The Selection Series for about 5 days now, and have already read The Selection, and Then Elite. I am waiting to get The One. I have said this any times before. I have fallen in love with a fictional character named Maxon Calix Shreave. He is a genuine gentleman who cares for America Singer, and is giving her a 2nd chance to win his heart in this very intense competition. It physically hurt me when I read the part when Celeste was all over Maxon... I cant even explain my pain. When I had read Maxon was beaten up by his own father, it hurt to know that a father wouold treat his only child in that kind of matter. I will be posting more. I hope you all enjoy my posts!

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  • Mina18

    I was thinking that the 5th Book could be named "The Bride", because Ahren had told Eadlyn "You can be queen and still be a bride".

    Alternatively, it could be "The Ring", because Eadlyn said at the end of The Heir "I'd have a ring on my finger". (This title though reminds me of the famous horror movie! :D )

    Other people said "The Crown" or "The Wedding". Even "The Heart" to remind us about America's heart and Eadlyn's decision to open her own heart to love. She had said "I only have one heart and I'm saving it". What do you think?

    On September 30, 2015, Kiera answered live on Twitter many questions of fans.

    Q: In the series does Illéa and the UK get on well? Would they support each other in times of war?

    A: I think yes. So far, at least.

    Q: What c…

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  • Mina18

    Here is a sneak peek inside Happily Ever After, thanks to the Snapchat of The Selection Series.

    The contents look very promising. Look at the illustrations too! I love the adorable Maxon and America! :D

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  • JuSt A PrInCeSs

    ThE SeLeCtioN SeRies

    September 8, 2015 by JuSt A PrInCeSs

    TheSe PhoTos ArE DeSiGnEd By Me ... HoPe YoU LiKe It =)) 

    TeLL Me YoUr OpiNiOn 

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    BOOK 5!!!

    September 4, 2015 by THESELECTION
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  • Mina18


    September 3, 2015 by Mina18

    Hi, Selectioners! I am not even sure about this blog (I apologise in advance if it sounds weird), since it's the first time to talk about something like this. But I will give it a try. :D

    The administrators of this wikia have not been active for the last months. So, I sent an administrator request to one of the Wikia Staff. I saw then that we should talk about it here, so I thought to post a blog about it. :)

    This wikia is getting bigger every week. I remember there were around 80 pages when I first came here a year ago and now we are about to pass the 300 pages! On the other hand, currently we are not many users who contribute regularly. There are many visitors and comments everyday, people who ask questions or need help in their editing. U…

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  • Miliko207

    Hello guys,

    today I saw something new, sad and strange and decided to write a blog post abut it.

    But first of all the news: The publication date from Happily Ever After changed. It is not the October 6 anymore but one week later. I looked everywhere: Amazon, Play Store, Barnes and Noble and iTunes and it was always the same. So as you might know these are the sad news. We have to wait longer

    Now the strange one: If you buy the Kindle version of Happily Ever After on Amazon you can get it the October 8! You don't have to wait a week and just two days. I don't know why the date is different but I hope that it does not change anymore.

    Now the new one but I have to say that these information is not verified yet. So it can be wrong. On iTunes I fou…

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    Can't Wait!

    August 1, 2015 by THESELECTION

    I cannot wait for the 5th book! So looking forward to it. #teamKILE and please don't let America die! 

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  • Loveableheart

    Has anyone heard of the YALLFest? 

    It's this fun even in Charleston, South Carolina. They feature authors and have fun events! 

    Anyway, Kiera Cass was there last year, and she's going to be there this year, according to the YALLFest website an their roster of authors!

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  • Loveableheart

    This is a spot where you can guess about what YOU think will happen in the fifth book! You can base it on past books or just think up something! 

    WARNING: Spoilers!

    What do you think will happen? Will new rebels come back? Who will Eadlyn marry? What will happen with America?

    And, what about the title for the fifth book? The color scheme? Will it be green, yellow, orange, or another color?

    I really hope the title and cover come out soon, along with a description!

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  • Riazoitsaki


    July 4, 2015 by Riazoitsaki



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  • Loveableheart

    My thought: I think I know who Eadlyn will end up with, but at the same time, we didn't really know in the original three novels!

    Our reamining suitors that have gottent the most attention:

    • Kile Woodwork
    • Henri Jaakoppi
    • Fox Wesley
    • Hale Garner
    • Ean Cabel

    And, Erik. 

    I know that there are a lot of supporters for Kile, Henri, and Erik. 

    Who will she end up with?

    I feel like it will be Erik. I also sort of want it to be because it wouldn't be that expected. 


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  • Cezca airoso0358

    Ok so you guys Remember her??


    Stacey Farnet

    Eadlyn in the Cover

    But then the book trailer came out and we have a new Eadlyn

    This Girl, who I had no idea who is until like yesterday. Her name is

    Tashi Makh

    They're both Really pretty but who do you guys like better as Eadlyn?? I still go for Stacey ^_^ . Some of you guys may already know who she is but for those who doesn't, there yah go :)

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  • Selectioner6541

    Finally!!! The moment has finally arrived.

    After so many years, and four books that have captivated our hearts, the Selection series is about to come to an end.

    It's been so long since we've been given another amazing (and actually heartbreaking) 360 pages from our favorite cake lover. With those 360 pages, we felt excitement, hatred, annoyance, love, confusion, fun, and sadness. When we got to the end, all we had to do was wipe away that sad tear on our cheeks and wait for what happens next in a year.

    At last, Selectioners, it has arrived. Kiera has given us the title of the final book in the series we love the most. A title so intriguing, so beautiful, so... wow, seriously, I am awful at this drama. Go ahead and read the description of the …

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  • Mina18

    In Barnes & Noble edition of The Heir there is an exclusive bonus scene featuring a written conversation between Kile Woodwork and Fox Wesley.

    It takes place after chapter 25. After Burke Renn punched Fox, hit Kile and Henri who tried to suppress him and accidentally pushed Eadlyn to the floor, he was sent home. Fox however talked with Eadlyn and after she learned about his poor background and realised his good nature, she allowed him to stay.

    Here are the photos with the bonus scene. Zoom in to read the text better.

    Credits go to:

    • In the same Barnes & Noble version, there are also exclusive photos of Queen America and Princess Eadlyn. See them here.
    • Ther…

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  • TheSelection1353

    RP Accounts

    May 18, 2015 by TheSelection1353

    Ok so I'd thought that I would rant about Selection RP accounts on insta. DISCLAIMER: I do not mean to offend anybody who might run a roleplay account.

    So here we go.

    • the first task is always "RP on the plane/plane outfit"
    • the twos always model. Always. As it directly says on the wiki, Twos are "Celebrities; including athletes, singers, actors/actresses, models, politicians, police officers, firefighters, guards, and military members." Uh can't you see that there are a million other professions?
    • there is always 4/5/6/7 yr old princess.
    • F…
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  • TheSelection1353

    Dream cast?

    May 17, 2015 by TheSelection1353

    ok so i just realized that Robert DowneyJr. would be a great gavril.

    and lol because I never watch drem cast stuff so I actually figured that out, like five mins ago.

    also I really think that Audrey Hollister would be a good America just saying

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  • Selectioner6541
    The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

    The Selection (2012)

    The Prince: A Selection Novella (2013)

    The Elite: Book Two of The Selection Series (2013)

    The Guard: A Selection Novella (2014)

    The One: Book Three of The Selection Series (2014)

    The Queen: A Selection Novella (2014)

    The Heir: Book Four of The Selection Series (2015)

    Happily Ever After: Companion to the Selection Series (2015)

    The Untitled Fifth Book (2016)

    This series by Kiera has been giving us smiles, curling toes, red faces, messed up hair, eye bags, stress marks, and tissues at times for already three years. And finally, she ends the fun with a finale that is about to take our breaths away, which has no title or release date yet.

    The Untitled Fifth Book (2016)

    That's what is put on Kiera's we…

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  • Cezca airoso0358

    This thing

    May 11, 2015 by Cezca airoso0358

    Ok so I saw this on the internet and it says


    Diario da Selecao" which translates to Diary of the Selection in Portuguese.

    So those anyone have any idea where to get this and if it has any English version. And if not.. WHY!?!?!?!

    Oh and I saw a video link of it in Youtube

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  • Cezca airoso0358

    Ok so I just found out that these photos are in the Barnes & Noble edition ot the Heir

    is it true???

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  • Cezca airoso0358

    Ok so we all know that Stacey Farnet is Eadlyn from the Book Cover Reveal. Now does anyone here have any idea who is the girl who played Eadlyn in the Book Trailer??

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  • Miliko207


    so, I think most of the people have read The Heir once. I am reading nothing else.

    But did we really read everything of The Heir? NO! There is a small bonus scene in the philippine edition we haven't read. (Forgive me the Asterix quote)

    After the release this week I searched and searched it on tumblr and finally found it!

    Here it is: The Heir bonus scene and what do you think of it?

    A letter from Ahren

    Dearest Camille,

    My sweet girl, I miss you. I have the new picture of you framed by my bed, and I fall asleep each night looking at your smile and wishing I could see it in person. I tell myself that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but honestly, I’m not sure my fondness for you has much room to grow. Could I love your grace and sweetnes…

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  • Miliko207

    Hey guys,

    The Heir was just released yesterday and we maybe read the book now a few times. I do nothing else... ;)

    But others have not read the book yet because they have no copy yet or they are slow readers and have many things to do besides reading.

    We can not spoiler them so much. So, I thought that we can talk about everything that could be a spoiler alarm here. No one who accidentally get on this page can find out what happens in the book unless they want to and find this blog post. ;) In the first days after the release it could be useful ;)

    So let's start!

    What do you think about The Heir? Is it good that this story is going on?

    What do you think of Eadlyn? About the other characters?

    Who is your favorite suitor? Your favorite scene? Your …

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  • TheSelection1353

    Ok guys, so the heir is literally OUT TOMORROW! I'm hyperventilating so much! Iread the first 12 chapters and this is what I think:


    So Eadlyn kinda seems like a brat. She's spoiled and her expectations for the men are too high. She eliminated ELEVEN men! Maxon only eliminated 8 girls after the first meeting. I don't really know what to think.



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  • Selectioner6541

    (waves to everyone) Hello, hello, heloooooooo Selectioners!!! This is Trisha here, and welcome back!!!

    As you can see, Epic Reads and Kiera Cass have released a fun thing for us to do while we wait for May 5th to come to us. You know it, right? You don't. Nah, no worries!!!

    On May 2, Epic Reads and Kiera Cass brought to us Epic Selection Series Week, so we can have #MoreSelection during The Heir's release. And also, they held a special... thing, for all of us to do, and it was done in less than 5 hours. #UnlockTheHeir!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 

    Now, have you gone to for the first twelve chapters of The Heir? If you haven't, then go now!!! All the chapters have been unlocked for you to enjoy!!! Savor it, feel the feels, admire …

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  • Cezca airoso0358

    Hello Everyone!! I was looking through my notifications in Facebook and this surprised me!! 

    If you still don't get it by now well the girl on the photo is Our very own Princess Eadlyn!! Apparently Stacey Farnet ( Eadlyn in the book) isn't the girl in the Trailer , but it's ok CAUSE I JUST CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE!!

    Press the word "Trailer" to go to the link of the Book Trailer

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  • Selectioner6541

    So, if you are updated with The Heir, some suitors' interviews have been uploaded on Epic Reads' channel on YouTube. Here are the suitors whose interviews can be seen on their profiles. Click on their names, and you'll see their vids!

    • Hale Garner from Belcourt
    • Burke Renn from St. George
    • Leeland Alberts from Dominica
    • Ean Cable from Hansport
    • Holden Messenger from Bankston

    MORE SELECTION VIDEOS ARE OUT! Go to the Epic Reads channel, and also go to to be able to read the FIRST 12 CHAPTERS OF THE HEIR!!!

    (This blog post will be updated.)

    Until then Selectioners!!! The Heir is out sooooooooooooooooooooonnnn!!!! EEP!!!

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  • Asnow89

    The Selection MOVIE

    April 23, 2015 by Asnow89

    The Selection was just picked up by Warner Bros to be a MOVIE. Katie Lovejoy is set to adapt the book for film. Denise DiNovi and Alison Greenspan are producing the film with Pouya Shahbazian.

    Stay tuned for more news!

    Source: Deadline

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  • Maria Georgievskaya


    April 21, 2015 by Maria Georgievskaya

    Guys I'm so sorry this is nothing to do with the Selection series, but I need your help!

    So there is this guy at school that I used to like, but then I stopped liking him. He asked out my bestfriend and broke up with her the next day. She was very heart broken, and started to love him even more. They were fighting for about two weeks and as she says they are now friends. But he never talks to her. Today that guy told me he liked me... I might like him back, but after what he did with my best friend, he just does not deserve being loved by her or me. I don't want to tell my friend... Or should I? Please help! 

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  • Selectioner6541


    Epic Reads just brought us a peek of a Selected Suitor!!! Hale!!!! EEP!!! 

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but Epic Reads said there'll definitely be more of this!!! YEAH!!!! IDK REALLY!!! 

    Kile!!! GAH! KILE!!!!

    Wait... I'm still fangirling... (breathes slowly)

    Vid down below, everyone!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

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