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Camille de Sauveterre is a supporting character in The Heir and The Crown. She is the daughter of Daphne, the Queen of France, making her the future ruler of France.


She and Ahren Schreave are in love for a long time before the beginning of The Heir. When Camille arrived from her airplane, Ahren had flowers for her. When she got out of her airplane she went and hugged Ahren and he kissed her all over her face. She gave gifts to Ahren's sister and told her that she can wear them with anything. Eadlyn had a party thrown in her honor. During the party, Eadlyn feels jealous and stayed in the shadows until Erik comforts her.

Camille speaks to America's friends in the Women's Room during her stay and then, during the Baseball Game, takes a walk with Ahren.

The two elope and secretly marry in the end of The Heir. Eadlyn is devastated after reading Ahren's letter explaining the elopement.

In The Crown she comes to the palace with Ahren for Eadlyn's coronation. When on asking if her people are pleased with Ahren and accept him, she says "as if he was born one of our own."


Camille is blonde with blue eyes. She is described by Eadlyn as "a willowy thing, blond and petite, with a face that looked eternally well rested and excited. In-person and in print, I’d never seen her wearing anything that remotely resembled a frown." It is assumed that Camille is very beautiful, as Eadlyn stated that Camille looked flawless in magazines. 


Camille is vivacious and intriguing and is everything Eadlyn aspires to be. Eadlyn described the way she rules to be effortless and her people cherished her. She is sweet and kind to everyone. Camille is described to be delicate. Eadlyn always wondered what her mother had done to raise her like this. According to her husband Ahren, she handles her power with humility and is open to everyone. She handles her position different from her sister-in-law.


  • A bonus scene, a love letter from Ahren to Camille, is included in the Barnes & Noble edition of The Heir. It can be read here.
  • According to Kiera Cass, Camille is sincerely and purely in love with Ahren.
  • Camille's mother, Queen Daphne, is Maxon's former childhood friend. She had expressed her love feelings to him, before the beginning of his Selection and even wanted to give up her crown to be a part of the Selection, but he was seeing her as a friend only. In a rage Daphne said that Maxon will never see love, even when it is right in front of him. Because of that, it is hard for America to talk about Daphne.
  • She brought her cousin to Josie and Kaden's wedding and he caught the attention to Josie's maid of honor, Shannon.
  • Ahren gave Camille flowers when she came to visit.