Palace servants are all people who work for the palace. They are usually Sixes. However, people who work as chamber maids and butlers are supposed to be better than the rest of the servants.

It’s an honor to be a maid in the palace. They are the front line. They are the ones deemed fit, smart and attractive enough to be seen by anyone who comes to call. They take their positions seriously, because if they make a mistake, they are put in the kitchen, where they have to work all day and their clothes are baggy. Or they have to chop firewood or rake the grounds.

For every dozen people that are visible in the palace, there are a hundred or more behind them.
Except from cooks and laundresses, there are also people whose sole job is to keep the
palace's windows clean. It takes a solid week for the team to get them all done, by the end of which the dust will find its way past the palace walls and cling to the clean glass, and they have to be washed all over
again. There are also jewelers hidden away, making pieces for the family and gifts for visitors, and
teams of seamstresses and buyers keeping the royal family immaculately clothed.

The servants seem to be well cared for and healthy as well as forming a friendship amongst each other. They all also seem to find Prince Maxon good like many others as well as detesting King Clarkson.

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