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Celeste Newsome was a supporting character in The Selection Series. She was a Two chosen for the Selection and was the highest ranked competitor in the competition. She was also one of the Six Elites in Prince Maxon's Selection in the first three books of the Selection series.


Before Selection

Celeste grew up as a privileged Two in the Province of Clermont as a model with ads in magazines. She stated that she once had a black and white themed birthday party where admittance through the door required black and white clothes to attire. Any color, she said, was refused entry. She said that Tessa Tamble (a pop star) sang at her party.

The Selection

Celeste was first met by America when she arrived at the airport in which America Singer, Marlee Tames, and Ashley Brouillette were also traveling. She wore high heels with her Selected outfit. She stated that it took her so long to arrive because she was signing autographs.

Celeste proved to be quite mean and power-hungry in the Selection after she gave Marlee and America rude looks for getting positive attention from the press on the news.

She befriended Bariel Pratt and was able to bond a little with Maxon over his love of photography and her modeling career (as told by Maxon in The Selection Stories: The Prince and The Guard). Celeste provoked Anna Farmer to slap her one day after saying something insulting about Anna's parents. Anna was eliminated from the competition because physical contact with the other Selected is not allowed in the Selection and is grounds for dismissal.

Kriss Ambers had her birthday party hosted at the Palace. Celeste became jealous at the attention Kriss was getting, so when all the girls were gathered she "accidentally" spilled some of her red drink on Kriss. Kriss fled in tears before Prince Maxon went to console her on her party dress as Celeste said it was an accident (Tuesday Keeper, however, agreed that Celeste had spilled her drink by accident).

America's maids told her that Celeste would occasionally hit her maids in her room if they did something she did not like. Celeste proved to not be above physical harm when she scratched America on the shoulder and tore her dress after America refused to switch dresses with her. America had chosen a red dress among the blue dressed the rest of the girls chose for their interviews on the Capital Reports Selection interviews with Gavril Fadeye, something that made Celeste jealous.

Maxon chose Celeste as one of his six Elite girls at the end of the novel.

The Elite

For the Halloween Party, Celeste dressed up as a peacock, but America stated that it seemed like her maids had messed up the costume a bit when they made it. Celeste drank a bit that night and talked to the guard Aspen Leger in the hallway, where she told him that he should consider a career in modeling and that if things did not "work out" between her and Maxon, Aspen should find Celeste. The next day she confronted him again and stated that she was simply trying to have a professional conversation with him - which was anything but the truth and which Aspen knew and almost told her when she made the claims.

When Marlee was caned, Celeste was frightened and sickened by watching the caning, since she and the other Elites had to sit in the front row during Marlee's punishment.

When Celeste was talking about how horrible Marlee was for having a relationship with someone other that Maxon, calling her a rude name in the process, America jumped at her, slapping her a few times. Celeste fought back by scratching America before guards pulled them apart. Both girls stayed at the Palace Hospital where Maxon visited them. Neither of them was sent home because both of them got into the fight and their actions canceled each other out. Maxon justified their actions to his father, claiming that they were stressed and upset after Marlee's caning.

Celeste hosted the German Federation along with Elise Whisks and Natalie Luca for one of their Elite projects. Celeste decided to wear a bold colored dress along with a revealing neckline that was the opposite of the beliefs of the German Federation who were wearing sleeves up to their wrists. Natalie also supplied the wrong flowers which had to be changed immediately, so the girls lost to America and Kriss who hosted the Italians.

The One

In The One, when America found Celeste crying in the library, Celeste confided in her that the reason she wanted the crown so much was because she would be needed by people if she became a royal. She says that unlike America, who likes to hide in the shadows, Celeste needed the spotlight on her. She says that a model was no longer wanted after a certain age, thus becoming unemployed. America, seeing Celeste in a new light, began a small friendship with her.

Celeste later apologized to the rest of the Elites for what she had done to each of them and they all forgave her.

During the Elites makeover day, Queen Amberly was invited to join them. When asked for his camera, Maxon arrived and gave it to them, then asked if he could come in. They, however, slammed the door in his face and continued on.

Celeste brought two pop-stars as her two guests at a tea party - Tessa Tamble and Kirstie Summer.

When Maxon was about to announce the winner of the Selection, the rebels revealed themselves from their disguises. One marched up behind Celeste and shot her in the back of the head.

Celeste's Point of View

The novella Happily Ever After Companion to the Selection Series included three scenes from Celeste's point of view.

The Arrival

This scene features the first meeting of Marlee Tames, Ashley Brouillette, America Singer and Celeste Newsome during The Selection.

The Kiss

In this scene, Celeste describes the kiss between her and Maxon in the hallway. The kiss is also described by America Singer during The Elite. Celeste`s plan was to get Maxon to sleep with her, so she would have a chance to become pregnant, shortening the Selection process.

The Departure

This scene plays during Christmas in The One. America is in Carolina burying her father. The last girls are unpacking their Christmas present given by Maxon. Maxon tells Celeste that she is no longer competing in the Selection.


Because of Celeste's arrogance and sense of superiority over the lower caste competitors like America Singer and Marlee Tames, none of the competitors really liked her. Celeste was intimidating to the other girls because she was too confident and knew how to use her beauty when it came to men.

Celeste was willing to do anything to win, even breaking the rules of the Selection. She tricked Anna Farmer into slapping her after criticizing her parents, which got Anna kicked out of the competition because violence against other competitors was against the rules. Before the interviews with Gavril Fadaye, Celeste told America to trade dresses. When America refused and called Celeste a brat, Celeste ripped one of the sleeves in anger and walked away. When America went to take her seat, Marlee and Emmica helped hide the ripped sleeve. It was also rumored by the maids that once she slipped glass in another Selected's slipper (which was later discovered to be Elise Whisks). Elise also had to be excused from breakfast because Celeste put bleach in her shampoo. The Selected were scared that she would get worse if they told someone so they didn't dare to tell Maxon. 

However, in The One Celeste changed, building up a friendship between her and America. America especially got her to know better, understanding that Celeste was raised up to be a specific type of pretty. Celeste later confessed that she wanted the fame more than love. On her wedding day, America stated that she thought of Celeste being with the other Selected and winking at her, showing the short their friendship they built up.  


Celeste had brown hair and light brown or blue eyes. America noted that she wore a lot of makeup. Celeste is supposed to be strikingly beautiful and tall being a model, but also due to her personality. She tends to wear more flashy and revealing clothing and jewelry. She and America Singer were the only two to not have a full-on makeover. America noticed that she painted her nails at the Women's Room. It is assumed that she liked her nails always polished.


  • "There, walking toward us, was a brunette with sunglasses on. She had a daisy in her hair, but it had been dyed red to match her lipstick. Her hips swayed as she walked, and each fall of her three-inch heels accentuated her confident stride. Unlike Marlee and Ashley, she didn’t smile. But it wasn’t because she was unhappy. No, she was focused. Her entrance was meant to inspire intimidation. And it worked on ladylike Ashley, who I heard breathe an ‘Oh, no’ as the new girl walked closer. This person, who I recognized as Celeste Newsome of Clermont, Two, didn’t bother me. She assumed we were fighting for the same thing. But you can’t be pushed if it’s something you don’t want." — America Singer's first impression of Celeste
  • "Luck was fine and well, but I didn’t need it. I had a plan." — Celeste's thoughts during her first meeting with Marlee, Ashley and America
  • "I was going to be the paragon of competitors. Beautiful, famous, wealthy . . . I’d be surprised if I wasn’t Maxon’s first date." — Celeste's thoughts in the first day of the Selection
  • "’You think you're the only one who's ever felt trapped by your caste? Yes, I'm a model. I can't sing. I can't act. So when my face isn't good enough anymore, they're going to forget all about me. I've got maybe five years left, ten if I'm lucky.’" — Celeste expressing her insecurities to America in The One.
  • “....the Celeste Newsome I know doesn’t need a man to get fame.”— America assuring Celeste of her real capability for success in The One.
  • "Do you need me to break her leg? I could make it happen." — Celeste jokingly threatening to injure Kriss on America's behalf in The One.
  • “If we’re going to have a party, might as well make it a good one.” — Celeste Newsome
  • "She caught me staring, and pushed her lips together and shook her shoulders at me." — Celeste comically posing for America before the Convicting in The One.
  • "’What's wrong?’ ’Nothing. Just not feeling well, I guess.’ ’Do. Not. Puke. Especially not on me.’ — Celeste and America before the Convicting in The One.
  • "All the same, I don't think he wants me. Even if he did, someone recently reminded me that I don't need a man to get what I want out of life." — Celeste shedding light on America's earlier advice in The One.
  • “As we spoke, I could see her being accepted by the others as fully as she was now by me. She even looked different with the weight of her secrets cast off from her. Celeste had been raised to be a specific kind of pretty. That beauty depended on covering things up, shifting the light, and seeking to be perfect at all times. But there is a different kind of beauty that comes with humility and honesty, and she was glowing with it now.” — America reviewing Celeste's true character in The One.
  • "Oh, Celeste was making it clear that if I hurt you, she'd make me cry." — Maxon recounting the threat Celeste made to him on America's behalf in The One.
  • "Yeah. Let her near your face with scissors, America. Great idea." — Celeste playfully poking fun at Kriss's offer to give America bangs in The One.
  • "I caught a glimpse of my reflection. I was covered in sweat, lip gloss smeared from kissing a boy I didn’t love, in the dark. My hair was a bird’s nest, and my eyes were wild. I’d never looked so ugly. ‘What are you doing?’ I whispered to the unrecognizable girl. I shook my head at her, nothing but pity for this very beautiful thing who had turned into a monster. [...] I wasn’t jealous. I wasn’t even irritated. More than anything, I felt dirty. Was this worth it? After all this time in the spotlight, a lifetime of being adored, I refused to fade into the background. As princess, as queen, I would be remembered forever. I needed that... But was it worth sleeping with someone who I didn’t really care about? Having a baby that I didn’t really want? [...] Love was not in the equation. I could live with that. But how could I make myself more valuable to Maxon than someone he did love? I had plenty of prized qualities. I simply had to make him see. I had to show him that I could be queen" — Celeste's thoughts after kissing Maxon in the hallway and him turning her down and running after America
  • "I'd still easily look like the obvious choice for a princess. I could admit there was a part of me that held out hope I would somehow pull it off... But I knew — maybe even before Maxon knew himself — that it would be America. The last vestiges of my vanity needed it to be her. The thought of losing to anyone but her sent me into a tailspin. She was my only worthy competitor. She was also, maybe, my only friend. [...] I didn’t need anyone to call me her friend at the moment. Having someone to call mine was enough. Maybe I could work on that once I got home. I could bribe my way in with some of these jewels, probably." — Celeste's thoughts before Maxon announces her departure from the Selection
  • "I want to sit here and tell you that I would have been good for you. I want to tell you I would have been so loyal, so proud. [...] Truth is, I would have been good for me. I don’t know if I can love someone, not the way you love her." — Celeste to Maxon about America, after he announces her departure from the Selection
  • "There’s no need for you to (love) right now. Love only yourself a little bit longer, until you can’t stand not to love someone else. [...] I will never forget your fire. I can’t wait to see what you do." — Maxon to Celeste, after he announces her departure from the Selection
  • "For the first time maybe ever, it didn’t matter if I looked beautiful or not. I felt it." — Celeste's thoughts after her departure from the Selection
  • “Ahh, you bitch, I knew you'd make it!" Celeste enthusiastically congratulating America in The One.
  • I watched in confusion as a red-marked guard walked up behind Celeste and put a bullet squarely through the back of her head.” — America Singer witnessing Celeste's demise when the rebels attack in The One.


  • In Happily Ever After: Companion to the Selection Series, published October 13, 2015, three scenes in Celeste's POV are included.
  • On chapter 5 of The Prince, Maxon stated that Celeste is probably the sexiest candidate.
  • The name "Celeste" is Spanish or Italian for a sky blue color.
  • The Women's Room is named after her. It is now called "The Newsome Library", as seen on Chapter 5 of The Heir, although it is stated by Eadlyn that Queen America is the only one using this name.


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