Celia Leger is a supporting character in The Selection.

She and her twin sister, Kamber Leger , both entered Prince Maxon's Selection but didn't get chosen .

Biography[edit | edit source]

Celia is Aspen Leger's younger sister and the twin sister of Kamber. When she and Kamber became eligible for the Selection after turning sixteen, they were ecstatic. America wanted Celia or Kamber to be Selected, since it would definitely help the Leger family and make it easier for America to marry Aspen because he would be a One then. When the entrants were announced, however, neither of them made the cut. Despite this, they were happy for their friend America, who got Selected, wished her luck and gave her flowers.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

According to America, she, along with Kamber, had the same dark hair and beautiful smiles. In the line before America gets her picture taken, she places one of Celia's curls behind her shoulder. Like her twin sister, her face is naturally beautiful and even lovelier with make-up. During the pictorial, they were dressed as neatly as they could afford.

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