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In the Selection Series there are many countries in the world that has now been through Four World Wars. Only seven of the hundreds of modern day countries are known so far in the books.

France Edit

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Name France
Location Europe
Government Monarchy
Ruler(s) Prince Consort of France
Queen Daphne
Princess Camille
Prince Ahren
Inhabitants The French
Status Allies With Illéa

France is an ally of Illéa, but not much else is known about the country, except that Prince Maxon was childhood friends with Princess Daphne who said that she loved him and she offered to give up her throne for him, but Maxon did not love her back.

It is unknown if Maxon went to France when he and Daphne were children, but it is known that he did not return later after he said that he did not love her back.

Between Illéa and France exist a trade agreement which caused problems during The One.

During The Heir, Eadlyn mentions that her younger twin, Ahren Schreave, is in relationship with Princess Camille. Princess Camille is the princess of France and the daughter of now Queen Daphne. By the end of The Heir, Ahren and Camille elope and secretly get married, with the approval of Daphne.

The German Federation Edit

The German Federation

Name The German Federation
Location Europe
Government Monarchy
Ruler(s) Unnamed Prince
Inhabitants Germans
Status Allies With Illéa

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Celeste and Elise and Natalie hosted members of the German Federation for their project in The Elite. America describes them as having rough English and more stern personalities despite being very sweet as well.

The German Federation members wore long and modest gray dresses despite the warm weather outdoors. Natalie had also put the wrong type of flowers out that were used at funerals in the German Federation. The flowers were removed according to America which helped her and Kriss to do the best job at hosting.

In The Heir, Eadlyn Schreave lets us know that the prince from the German Federation has poor hygiene.

Illéa Edit

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Name Illéa
Location North and Central America
Founder Gregory Illéa
Government Constitutional Monarchy

Absolute Monarchy (formerly)

Ruler(s) Queen Eadlyn
Prince Consort Eikko
Princess Kerttu
Unborn Prince/Princess

Other Members of the Royal Family:
Prince Kaden
Princess Josie
Prince Osten

Inhabitants Illéans
Status At War With New Asia (formerly)
In peace with all other countries (currently)
Allies With France, The German Federation and Italy
Appearances The Selection
The Elite
The One
The Heir
The Prince
The Guard
The Queen
The Favorite
The Crown

Illéa began when New Asia invaded America after either World War Three or World War Four. Gregory Illéa rallied the people (not only through his money) and managed to flush out the New Asians as they were distracted by fighting with Russia over borders in their homeland. Gregory Illéa then had his daughter Katherine marry the Prince of Swendway so that he could have Royal ties. He then was proclaimed King and Illéa was created, named after him.

Generations later, Prince Maxon held his own Selection. America Singer won and because of her being from a lower caste and telling him the stories of how horrible the lower castes were, Maxon, as the new king, began abolishing the Castes.

Rebels were a problem for the Illéan government, too, until the abolishing of the Castes.

Maxon and America had twins named Eadlyn and Ahren and two other sons, Kaden and Osten. Queen Eadlyn is the first girl to have a Selection of her own and the first female ruler of Illéa.

Illéa is the only country in the Selection series that actually makes an appearance, as the other Countries in the Selection series are only mentioned. Illéa is also featured in every single book, as the Selection takes place in Illéa.

America states several times that Illéa may be unfair with some things, but with the right ruler and with some changes it could be an amazing country.

Italy Edit


Name Italy
Location Europe
Government Monarchy
Ruler(s) King of Italy
Queen of Italy
Princess Nicoletta
Inhabitants The Italians
Status Allies With Illéa

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America and Kriss hosted members of the Italian government for their project in The Elite. America describes the Italians as being carefree and kind, as well as fun. She says that their English is extremely good despite her thoughts of their maternal language being beautiful already. She also befriended with Princess Nicoletta who said that Italy had refrained from being allies with Illéa because of the strict Caste System, opposed to their more free government in Italy. She said that she would support America and if America would indeed become Queen, then Italy and Illéa may become allies.

Later, after America and Maxon asked her assistance, Princess Nicoletta secretly helped the Northern Rebels with weapons to stop the Southern Rebels from killing more people.

Nicoletta has cousins as well, named Orabella and Noemi.

In The Heir it is mentioned that Italy is now an important ally of Illéa and that the Italians visit Illéa often.

New Asia Edit

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New Asia

Name New Asia
Location Asia
Inhabitants Asians
Status At War With Illéa (formerly)
In peace with Illéa (currently)
Approaching a Trade Agreement (currently)

New Asia is a country that was at war with Illéa. The cause of this war is unknown, but it is known that during the Fourth World War, New Asia invaded Illéa only to have conflict over boundaries in Asia with Russia. Because of Russia distracting them, they allowed Gregory Illéa to rise up and liberate the country from New Asian rule.

Elise Whisks (a character who was introduced as one of the contestants in The Selection) was in the Selection thanks to her family and connections in New Asia.

Between The One and The Heir, Illéa and New Asia ended their war and now approaching a trade agreement between them.

Russia Edit

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Name Russia
Location Europe and Asia
Inhabitants Russians

Russia was involved with World War Three, which Illéa came out of when New Asia was distracted from ruling Illéa, because they fought over boundaries with Russia. If not for the conflict with Russia, Illéa and its monarchy might still be under the rule of New Asia, and would still be called the United States of America.

Nowadays, it is unknown if the country still exists because it is only mentioned in a history lesson.

Swendway Edit

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Name Swendway
Location Possibly Sweden, Norway and Finland
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Inhabitants People Of Swendway
Status Allies With Illéa

Not much is known about Swendway, but many people believe that it could be the countries Sweden, Norway, and Finland of Northern Europe, due to their name and Monarchy and their official language which is Finnish.

Gregory Illéa had his daughter Katherine marry the crown Prince of Swendway in order for himself to receive Royal ties. His daughter did not want to marry the Prince, as he was a stranger and much older than her. Katherine, however, was forced to marry him and they eventually had a daughter, Antonella de Illéa de Monpezat.

Many Swendish communities exist in Illéa because of their good relationship for a long time.

The Selected Henri Jaakoppi in Princess Eadlyn's Selection was from Swendway.

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