Damon Illéa was the youngest son of Gregory Illéa and the second king of Illéa.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Damon was about to become the king in the place of his older brother Spencer, who ran away after faking his death and rejecting the crown. Many wondered if he was ready even to train for the task at nineteen. But Damon knew he was prepared to step into adulthood and set out to prove it via the greatest commitment in life: marriage. Within months the Selection was born, and the spirits of the country were lifted by the possibility of an average girl becoming the first princess of Illéa. Damon chose his wife during the first Selection, which however was a complete setup. He slept with half the girls before sending them home the next day, eventually settling with Grace Lowell, who was his father's pick. They had a son, Justin.

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