Daphne is a supporting character in The Prince and a character mentioned in The One and The Heir.


Daphne is a princess from France and the childhood friend of Prince Maxon. According to Maxon, she was the only one whom he saw often who could speak English, thus they became very close. In The Prince, Maxon glimpsed at Daphne during a party, which King Clarkson caught. The king said she was pretty, which was a shame since she couldn't be in the lottery for the Selection. Maxon told his father that he didn't harbor any feelings for her, to which the king replied that he's glad, saying it would've been extremely stupid of him to.

Later, Maxon and Daphne snuck away from the party. Privately, Daphne confessed her frustration that she was to go on a date with a French noble named Frederick (and to eventually end up marrying a French noble) while Maxon was to marry some stranger for the Selection. Daphne then confessed her love for Maxon, and tried to persuade him that he loved her, too. She even offered to give up her crown so she could try competing in the Selection, but Maxon calmly told her that they were prisoners of their own crowns and had to do their duty. She then insulted his family, saying his father's coldness and his mother's introversion had made him unaware and incapable of love before storming off, weeping.

Daphne was flown back to France the morning after. Her words left a mark on Maxon as he pondered on whether or not he did love her. He recalled the simplest things about Daphne, but did not equate that with love and was nervous about the Selection. He noted that if France had not been Illéa's ally before the Selection and his father wanted something from them, he would have overlooked tradition and made Maxon marry Daphne. But because France was theirs and there was nothing to gain from marrying Daphne, the tradition went on.

However, after Maxon met America Singer and got a chance to talk to the other Selected girls, Maxon realized that he did not love Daphne at all.

Daphne eventually married one of the suitors and became the Queen of France. She had a daughter, Camille, who is the heir to the French throne and whom Ahren Schreave, son of Maxon and America, is in love with. The two elope and secretly marry in the end of The Heir, after Daphne gave them her approval, according to the french royal protocol.

Appearance Edit

Maxon says that Daphne has deep blue eyes as well as having a slight French accent to her words. Maxon also states that she has a scar on her wrist from scraping it on a tree during a challenge from Maxon.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Daphne, if she did not marry Frederick, it could be Antoine and if it was not him then it would be Garron. She had a long line of French nobleman waiting in a line to possibly marry her, whom her father suggested.
  • Her favorite color is yellow.
  • She is afraid of the dark.
  • She started wearing a cherrybark and almond perfume when she was thirteen and continued to use the scent.
  • She calls her father "Papa".
  • Maxon states that Daphne cannot sing, but can dance beautifully.
  • She is allergic to shellfish.
  • She gave Maxon a new camera bag for his 16th birthday.
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