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Eadlyn Helena Margarete Schreave de Koskinen is the main protagonist in the novels The Heir and The Crown and the prize of her own Selection.  She is the daughter of King Maxon Schreave and Queen America Schreave, making her princess of Illéa. In The Crown, she becomes the first queen of Illéa without a King. She has a twin brother, named Ahren, who is seven minutes younger than her, and two other younger brothers, Kaden and Osten.


Being born seven minutes before her twin brother, Ahren, on April 16th, she is the next queen of Illéa and the prize of her own Selection. Her parents changed the law in order for her to be the heir, the first female ruler of Illéa. Eadlyn and her siblings grew up in the Palace, together with the children of Marlee and Carter Woodwork, Kile and Josie. Before The Heir, Eadlyn kissed Leron Troyes at a Christmas party and Jamison Akers at a picnic.

The Heir

In The Heir, the tension between the people and the monarchy rises. The people suffer from post caste discrimination. As a distraction, her parents offer her to do a Selection, so they can work out the problems while the people concentrate on Eadlyn's Selection. She is opposed to doing one; she feels that she doesn't need anyones' help ruling, and wants to stay single. Even so, she wants to help her parents, though only on certain conditions. One, the Selected could leave at any time. Two, the Selection will last for only three months, even if she finds no one she likes.

During the naming of the Selected, she chooses the names from each province, and when she comes to Angeles, she picks out Kile Woodwork. Eadlyn despises Lady Marlee's children, and both Kile and Eadlyn are confused and angry when his name is called. 

When Eadlyn finally meets the contestants, she decides to let them stay at least for a few days. They do a parade before the palace walls and she realizes that not all of her people like her and even blame her for their bad situation right now. After a talk with her parents, she decides to dismiss several competitors to show the media that she is serious about it. She dismisses 11 competitors, some very harsh, and is confronted again with the media. Later, she holds a tea with her family, friends, and the remaining Selected.  

To show that she can fall in love, she organizes a kiss between her and Kile. The photos spread across the country pulling the focus on her Selection. Also, this kiss changes her relationship with Kile making her aware that she could possibly like him.  

She has several dates with the Selected but has problems to open up to them and say something personal to them. One of her dates with Jack Ranger goes terribly wrong when he touches her against her will. She runs away in tears and Ahren punches Jack. Jack is eliminated after that. After this incident, all of her dates are with photographers and not alone.  

Kile, Henri Jaakoppi, his translator Erik, Burke Renn and Fox Wesley propose a group date which she accepts. They will cook in the kitchen and she is teamed with Kile. The date goes wrong after Burke punches Fox. As she is still terrified from Jack's attack, Erik saves Eadlyn and brings her to her room. Although her father proposes that not only Burke goes but Fox too, she decides to meet Fox alone. After this meeting, she realizes how nice Fox is and decides to let him stay in the competition.  

She shares two more tempted kisses with Kile and later, on a secret date in the kitchens, she kisses Henri after they cooked a little bit.  

Eadlyn tries her best to distract the people with her Selection. But after the elimination of Baden Trains, she confesses toCalgary's mayor Milla Warren about how fake the Selection actually is, something that later goes public. When people react to this news, she talks about it with Kile who has grown to be a friend of her. He admits that the suitors are confused about their situation and they wonder if they have a chance at all. She says although she had a different thought about the Selection at first, the suitors have grown to her. Eadlyn feels frustrated about the way her subjects behave. She also feels confused about the way her people behave when she is out on the float at the beginning of her Selection.

See Princess Eadlyn's Selection for more information on her Selection.  

The Crown

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Six Years Later (The Crown Bonus Scene)

On the day of Josie Woodwork and Kaden Schreave's wedding, Eadlyn helps Josie with some last minute preparations. During this conversation, Josie reveals that Eadlyn threw up shortly before her own wedding. Eadlyn responds by telling her that they were never to speak of that, then saying that it took a lot of effort to keep herself from sprinting down the aisle later on. She then tells Josie that she's going to check on the flower girl, asking Shannon, the maid of honor, to keep her calm.

Eadlyn reveals that Josie's flower girl is none other than her own daughter, Kerttu Koskinen. She is seen twirling around in her flower girl's dress, being watched by her father Eikko, Osten, America, and Maxon. Kerttu asks Erik if she can wear her dress forever, and he, being a doting father, of course, tells her yes. Eadlyn tells her that her dress is so puffy that she'll roll out of bed. Kerttu doesn't seem to care, instead of running up to Eadlyn and putting her face against her mother's stomach. She whispers to her unborn sibling, "Hi, baby. Please be a girl." Eadlyn tells her daughter that they don't know the gender yet and that it might already be a boy. Later, Eadlyn remarks that no one outside the royal family knew of her pregnancy and that she was barely showing. She hopes that Kerttu doesn't share the news, as she wants this day to be only for Josie.

Later, Eadlyn comforts a nervous Josie, reassuring her that everything will be alright. On the way out to the cars, they run into the groom and his groomsmen. The entire family gathers in the palace entryway: Ahren and Camille; Eikko, Eadlyn and Kerttu; America and Maxon; Kile and his wife, Alice; Kaden and Josie, and Osten. Eadlyn basks in the presence of her family, and ends the scene by saying, "And life, as it always does, went on."


According to Kiera Cass, "she has dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and skin just a shade or two above olive". Taking more after Amberly Schreave, her grandmother than her own parents.

Eadlyn states that her skin is tanned naturally and stays year round. She also says that she looks like the odd-one-out with her brown hair. She also states that she always looks classy.

She is exceptionally beautiful which she is well aware of and she always receives compliments from the Selected boys, her family, and friends.

Hale described her as a "well-dressed young lady" since she wears fashionable clothes, elegant coifs, coordinating accessories, and matching shoes. She often likes to wear tiaras, having a whole collection of them.

Since she takes up more of her grandmother's appearance, it is assumed she too has "absolutely gorgeous hair".

Her clothes are usually from her sketches. Neena and Eadlyn work together when it's come to dresses. Her dresses are made to her exact measurements.

A different model was used for the cover of the Crown and the Heir as Eadlyn.


Eadlyn's personality is quite complicated. She is revealed to be very stubborn, headstrong and focused, determined to fulfill her duties as the future queen. Her stubbornness is very similar to her mother's when she was in the Selection. Eadlyn is also just as headstrong and determined as America, but is hard-working like her father, Maxon. Due to her endless efforts to be 'the perfect future queen' and being spoiled, she is also very self-centered, unable to understand the feelings of others around her easily and to empathize. She can also be bossy and at some times even condescending as she looks down upon some people below her. It is implied that she is also a perfectionist, always wanting her appearance and everything/everyone around her to be perfect too. Eadlyn herself admits that "I’m not as good at showing my emotions as other girls, so it comes across like I don’t care, even when I do. I like to keep things to myself. It looks bad, I know, but it’s real."

Despite these qualities, she is also shown to be loving towards those closest to her (her family) and can be kind at times when she is able to sympathize and understand others. Eadlyn tries to keep everyone at arms-length as she believes that if she lets someone in too close, then they will become her weakness. She is also afraid to have personal conversations with others and is afraid of opening-up as it leaves her feeling exposed, vulnerable and helpless. At the start of The Heir, she strongly opposed the idea of her falling in love as she didn't completely understand what it meant, but by the end of the book she makes up her mind that she will try her best to find love among the Selected boys after realizing the importance of love in her life.


Ahren Schreave

Ahren and Eadlyn are twins. Ahren and Eadlyn talk to each other a lot and are very close, considering each other best friends and confidants. Ahren has been an emotional support for Eadlyn, for example; when he and their other siblings comforted her after Jack Ranger left the Palace. Ahren, along with Kaden, could tell Eadlyn, sometimes in a brutally honest way, that she shouldn't act standoffish or arrogant. Eadlyn is also protective over her brother and, near the end of The Heir, tried to break up Ahren and Camille so that Ahren wouldn't leave the Palace. However, the two have a good relationship.

Eikko Koskinen

Eikko is the translator to the Selected Henri Jaakoppi. Henri lived in Illea for only a year so he knows very little English. When he was Selected, Eikko was called in a week before the Selection to be his translator. For the Selection, he changed his name to Erik because it was the closest English translation to his Swedish name. During the parade, Eadlyn scolded Eikko for biting his nails, as it was bad etiquette. When the fight broke out in the kitchen during a group date with Kile, Henri, Fox, and Burke, Eadlyn was pushed to the ground, but Eikko saved her and they escaped to her room where he revealed his real first name. He was even there in the hospital wing when Queen America had a heart attack. In The Crown, they both realized that they have feelings for each other but can't get married because he is not part of the Selection. As a result Eadlyn almost chooses Henri, but then Henri saw that they have feelings for each other and breaks off his engagement with Eadlyn. She goes to her father for his opinion and he advises her to follow her heart and “break the stupid rule” so she can marry him. Eadlyn proposes to Eikko and Eikko (looking at Henri for approval) says yes. In The Crown's bonus epilogue 6 years later during Kaden and Josie's wedding, it is revealed that they have a daughter named Kerttu Koskinen and that Eadlyn is pregnant with their second child.

Kile Woodwork

Kile and Eadlyn both grew up in the palace. She has known him since they both were in diapers, although, they have been rivals since about age four to six. She states that she was happy when he was away for six months and felt betrayed that he was in the Selection pool at all. Slowly she finds out that behind Kile is more that she did not know before. She sees that he is charming, kind, sweet and a good friend. He is the first one of the Selected who she kissed. Later, she states that she is actually really happy that through the Selection she got to know Kile and does not want him to leave anymore.

Eadlyn actually planned to marry him, stating that she would be happy with him but realized that this would be wrong. Even though she loves him in a non-romantic way, she could not let him stay at the palace and made his dreams of becoming an architect not not happen. Therefore, she banished him from the palace for one year and provided him with the materials necessary for his architectural projects.


Ahren assumed Eadlyn's dislike for Camille stemmed from being both in the same situation. They are both heir for the throne and both beautiful. After Eadlyn talks to Ahren about breaking up with her, he realizes that the very reason Eadlyn dislikes her was because Camille was the only person who could separate Eadlyn and Ahren. Despite disliking her, Eadlyn aspires to be like Camille because she rules effortlessly.


  • "By seven tiny minutes I beat my brother, Ahren, into the world, so the throne that ought to have been his was mine. Had I been born a generation earlier, it wouldn’t have mattered. Ahren was the male, so Ahren would have been the heir. Alas, Mom and Dad couldn’t stand to watch their firstborn be stripped of a title by an unfortunate but rather lovely set of breasts. So they changed the law, and the people rejoiced, and I was trained day by day to become the next ruler of Illéa. What they didn’t understand was that their attempts to make my life fair seemed rather unfair to me." — Eadlyn at the beginning of The Heir
  • "You are Eadlyn Schreave. You are the next person in line to run this country, and you will be the first girl to do it on your own. No one is as powerful as you." — Eadlyn while talking to her reflection on the mirror
  • "You two are practically a fairy tale." — Eadlyn about her parents' love story
  • "I was Eadlyn Schreave. No one was more powerful than me. So if they thought I was going down without a fight, they were sadly mistaken." — Eadlyn Schreave after her parents suggest to her own Selection
  • "I only have one heart and I'm saving it." — Eadlyn Schreave to Gavril Fadaye at The Report.
  • "Fun math is an oxymoron." — Eadlyn Schreave to Kile Woodwork
  • "Long story short, Main Guy’s dad was killed by Bad Guy. Main Guy spends his life tracking down Bad Guy, but Bad Guy slips from his grasp several times. Main Guy sleeps with Super Blonde. Super Blonde disappears. Main Guy kills Bad Guy, and Super Blonde shows up again. Oh, and some things explode." — Eadlyn about a movie
  • "This isn't a game, gentlemen. This is my life." — Eadlyn Schreave to the Selected Men about her Selection.
  • "It wasn't all that long ago that he'd stood where I did, that my mom's face was one of many in his world. And yet, despite all the impediments all the time that had passed, they were still deeply in love." — Eadlyn Schreave about her parents.
  • "I remembered the feeling of my first date with Hale, how I felt when I was sure he'd peel everything back and had seen the real me. This time, I felt like I was on the other side of that, looking past duty and worry and rank, seeing the true heart of a person. And (Erik's) heart was beautiful." — Eadlyn about Erik
  • "As we swayed together, everything else stopped mattering for a little while. His lips moved from my mouth and onto my neck. These kisses were different than before. They were aggressive and demanding, pulling all my focus." — Eadlyn while kissing Kile Woodwork
  • "I didn't expect to find what my parents had or even what Ahren had found with Camille. But... maybe I could find something. Maybe there would be one person who'd still what to kiss me when I had a runny nose or would rub my shoulders after a day of meetings. Maybe I could find someone who didn't seem so scary, who made letting him past the wall seem natural. But all that still could be asking for too much. Either way, I couldn't slow now. I knew that for my sake — for my family's sake — I had to finish my Selection. And when I did, I'd have a ring on my finger." — Eadlyn Schreave's last quote in The Heir.


  • Her name is pronounced EED-Len or EED-Lin.
  • She was born 7 minutes before her twin brother, Ahren.
  • She is 1/4 Hispanic and 1/4 Hebrew.
  • Her birthday is April 16. Her star sign is Aries. Her birthstone is Diamond.
  • The name "Eadlyn" means "born into royalty" and the name is old English.
  • Ahren is her best friend, so no one knows her better than he does.
  • She has known Kile Woodwork since they were both in diapers.
  • When she was a child, she had a collection of wooden ponies.
  • Her favorite color is red.
  • She has a horse named Butterscotch.
  • She can speak Spanish.
  • She can not enjoy a white tea during the winter.
  • She has a sewing pin given to her by Hale.
  • Her theme phrase is: "You are Eadlyn Schreave, and no one is more powerful than you."
  • The model for Eadlyn on The Heir and The Crown covers is Stacey Farnet.
  • The actress in the book trailer is Tashi Makh.
  • She has many tiaras, a few of which Josie broke (her three favorites).
  • Her hobby is sketching dresses.
  • Her full name is Eadlyn Helena Margarete, which literally means "princess shining pearl".
  • Her first kiss was with Kile Woodwork when she was four years old. She stated that they were playing Hide and Seek and instead of Kile tagging her, he kissed her instead.
  • It is stated in the bonus epilogue of the crown that Eadlyn vomited on her wedding day, though Josie stated that "I've never seen anyone throw up in such a ladylike manner"
  • Kiera Cass stated that if they weren't royals; if people ever see America with Eadlyn as a child, they would have asked who America is babysitting for since she said that Eadlyn is the odd one out of her siblings.
  • In the bonus epilogue in the Barnes and Noble edition of the crown, she and Erik have a daughter named Kerttu, and she is pregnant with their next.