Elayna Stoles was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Three chosen for the Selection.

Biography Edit

Elayna was one of the girls that were involved in the discussion over the cause of Janelle Stanton's elimination. Elayna theorized that Janelle "must have insulted him (Prince Maxon)" during their conversation.

During a party when Queen Amberly's family and various people from Swenday were visting, Elayna and Leah Sacks talked to Adele, the Queen's sister. The girls invited America Singer to come over and meet her. While America tried to have a normal conversation with Adele, Elayna and Leah found Adele's responses and behavior amusing and below her station. While Leah found Adele funny, Elayna claimed that she was "vulgar," and felt, as a Three, it was okay to go on talking even after America had reminded Leah that both Adele and Leah had been Four's when they were raised. Elayna went as far in the conversation as to say "if I win, my family will either be trained or deported". She said that she didn't want them embarrassing her and claimed that Adele was drunk and because of the Royalty visiting from Swenday, "ought to be caged". After that, America left the girls but thought about Elayna's statement, thinking over things about living in the Palace and if she would want her family to change and things along those lines.

When the Southern Rebels attacked the Palace, Elayna was seen by America holding Maxon's hand. America observed that Elayna "looked a little shaken", but Maxon was calming her by holding her hand.

Elayna was eliminated and sent home following the Southern Rebels attack, when Maxon chose the Elite.


Elayna was a very small girl with porcelain skin.

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