Elise's Husband is an unnamed character mentioned in Happily Ever After. He lived in New Asia and married Elise Whisks. Together they have two sons.


He met Elise in New Asia when she worked there as an ambassador from Illéa. Elise had a public meeting with the head of a company that was using a portion of its profits to rejuvenate the areas most depleted by the last war between New Asia and Illéa. The son of the CEO was enchanted by Elise’s mastery of etiquette, languages, and books, as well as her beauty. He kept in contact with her, and he eventually asked her family for her hand. They agreed enthusiastically, knowing this young man would inherit a fortune and had a solid standing in New Asia’s society.

Elise’s joy at pleasing her family surpassed her worries over marrying someone she’d only met a few times, and she trusted her family’s judgment. She moved to New Asia, not caring whether she would find happiness with her new husband. To her complete surprise, she did. He was incredibly generous with her, patient in waiting for her affection to grow, and absolutely doting on her when she became pregnant.

She remained poised in her interactions with her family, but whenever she could get in contact with her friend Natalie Luca, she gushed over her kind and handsome husband. Elise had two boys, who became the pride and joy of her husband and family. She was in love and happy, accomplishing more than she had ever hoped she could.

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