Elliot Piaria is a character mentioned in Happily Ever After. He is the husband of Kriss Ambers and a famous botanist, working as a professor in a university in Columbia.

Biography Edit

About eight months after Prince Maxon's Selection and six months after Kriss began working as an assistant in the Communications Department in a Columbia university, a welcome home party was thrown for a professor who’d spent more than a year collecting plant samples in the jungles of Honduragua. An enthusiastic botanist, Professor Elliot Piaria was praised for his drive and skill, especially at such a young age. Kriss hadn’t wanted to go to the party, but was fine after she saw she wasn’t anything close to the center of attention that day. And she was pleased to meet the professor, particularly when they were introduced and his first question was “What do you teach?” Having been away from nearly any source of technology for its entire duration, Elliot had no knowledge of the Selection, and Kriss’s naturally mature demeanor didn’t hint that she was seven years his junior.

The two crossed paths frequently, and Elliot continually asked Kriss why she wasn’t teaching, convinced her intellect was better suited for a classroom than a cubicle. She lit up under his attention, taking it more to heart than he could ever have guessed.

Elliot was attracted to Kriss, and she liked that he was one of the few people who saw her as herself and not a former Selection candidate. She grew more and more confident, returning to her cheerful self. They began dating shortly after Kriss got a position teaching math, a placement she wasn’t thrilled about except for the fact she was teaching. She was hesitant to let herself fall for Elliot, fearing she would get hurt again. Elliot, however, was endlessly charmed by her and proposed to her spontaneously when he caught her in a particularly happy mood. Elliot wanted to move quickly, fearing Kriss would change her mind if he waited. They were married within a month of his proposal, and after the wedding, Kriss finally settled into the realization that Elliot loved her for herself and had no intention of ever being separated from her.

They stayed in Columbia, though Elliot’s curious nature ended up taking them to the edges of Illéa in search of new things to study. They had no children, but did end up raising several pets, many of them exotic, which they also studied.

Personality Edit

Elliot is described, when it comes to botany, "enthusiastic" and is shown to take risks and have a love for traveling and for nature as well. He is also intelligent and sometimes decides things quickly.

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