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Eloise is a supporting character in The Crown. She was handpicked by Neena, now the queen's lady-in-waiting, to be Queen Eadlyn Schreave's new personal maid.


The CrownEdit

Eloise was chosen by Neena to be the Eadlyn Schreave's new personal maid, which means her skills are unquestionable.


She is gentle and supportive with Eadlyn. Eloise even said that it was okay for her to scream and cry in her chambers after a long, tiring day as queen.

Eadlyn somehow compared her to Neena since her lack of knowledge of the queen's bath (lavender soap).


  • She adores Kile Woodwork as seen when she was easily bribed by him to get inside Eadlyn's room. She also admitted this face-to-face to Eadlyn, on how much she roots for him.
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