Emmica Brass was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Four chosen for the Selection.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Like Anna Farmer, she was a farmer before the Selection and the two girls had bonded very well.

At the beginning of Prince Maxon's Selection, after the makeovers, she and Samantha Lowell gave America Singer "funny" looks when they sat with America and Marlee Tames.

When Maxon and America were walking down a hallway later, Emmica was walking with Celeste Newsome and Tiny Lee as they whispered quietly. After curtsying, the trio kept going. Both Emmica and Tiny "looked curious." Celeste, however, seemed angry.

During one day in the Women's Room, Emmica was with Zoe Peddler and Janelle Stanton listening to Kriss Ambers intently. Later, America noticed Emmica "absently kneading a spot just below her ear, as if she was in pain." Her grumpiness was because she had not yet had a date with Maxon. Next to her, Celeste and Anna were having a conversation. When Anna slapped Celeste, Emmica was upset as she said "Oh, Anna, no," and sighed. Because of Anna's reaction and the reality that she would be eliminated for attacking another Selected, Emmica teared up.

Later, during a History Lesson withSilvia, Emmica made a comment which Silvia found to be "a beautiful point" when they discussed something on Gregory Illéa.

When Celeste tore America's dress before a taping of the Illéa Capital Report, America returned back to the seats. In front of America and Marlee Tames, Emmica and Samantha sat. They talked with America about her dress being torn by Celeste. Emmica begged America to report Celeste to Maxon, saying that Celeste was "a nightmare." Emmica helped take away a few threads that were strays on America's dress, trying with Marlee to help. During her interview, Emmica was "poised," along with Marlee.

After Olivia Witts had announced to some girls in the Women's Room that Maxon had kissed her to everyone and the girls talked to her and had discussions, Elise Whisks "burst into the room, followed by Zoe and Emmica." She showed off combs that Maxon had given her.

During Kriss' birthday party, Tiny talked to Emmica and Jenna Banks.

After the Southern Rebels attacked the Palace, the Selected Girls felt a bond amongst themselves. At breakfast that following Monday, Maxon announced that he was doing a another elimination to narrow the girls down to the Elite. After Maxon picked six girls (a group which did not include Emmica,) he left and Emmica, along with Tuesday Keeper, followed him. America thought they wanted an explanation from him.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Emmica is a baby name that Kiera Cass' husband rejected.
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