Fiona Castley was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Three chosen for the Selection.

Biography Edit

At dinner one night, Prince Maxon announced that Two's and Three's would not receive their payment for being in the Selection. Kriss Ambers theorized that it could be a test because there could be some people who were in the Selection for the money. Fiona nudged Olivia Witts and nodded towards America Singer, probably suggesting America was one or could be one of those people.

When the Southern Rebels attacked the Palace, Fiona was seen by America "holding herself and crying quietly." Maxon went over to her.

She was the 14th girl to leave from the Selection, after the Southern Rebels invaded the Palace and she asked to leave along with Tallulah Bell and Amy Everheart.


Fiona is a brunette with smoldering eyes.

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