I don't know; I just thought if I could get here, I'd find a way to show you that I could be worth taking a chance on.
—Fox talking to Eadlyn Schreave

Fox Wesley is a supporting character in The Heir and The Crown. He was chosen for Princess Eadlyn's Selection and he is one of the six Elite and the top three contestant of the Selection.

Biography Edit

Before The Heir Edit

Before Fox was in the Selection, he worked as a lifeguard back in Clermont, the same province as Celeste Newsome. His mother had left him and siblings when his father was ill with cancer. This caused Fox to have resentment for her while his siblings remained hopeful for her return. His father is still functioning pretty well, currently working part-time, although he needs a lot of sleep. Fox and his father have a good relationship, but Fox does enjoy the respite that the Princess Eadlyn's Selection gives him. At home in Clermont, he also does not have much money and was not getting as much food as he should have been.

The Heir Edit

Fox met Eadlyn when she met all her suitors one-by-one. He told her she was "so beautiful". She directed him to the Men's Parlor soon after, trying to act stoic towards the Selected.

During Princess Eadlyn's Game Show, Fox did not guess Eadlyn's birthday correctly (April 16th), but she let the people who guessed April get the point. Fox was one of them and was happy about that fact.

Fox was with Kile Woodwork, Burke Renn, and Henri Jaakoppi (Erik was also present,) when they invited Eadlyn on a group date where they would go cooking. She reluctantly agreed and Fox was quick to accept it. When the mentioned Selected went to meet Eadlyn to head to their date, Fox walked beside "Henri, both smiling quietly." During the date, Fox supported Kile's idea about the amount of meals to prepare. When the Selected played rock, paper, scissors, it was Fox's idea. He lost to Kile and, according to Eadlyn, "took it in stride," and ended up beign paired with Burke to cook. They were making the appetizer and chose to cook "asparagus wrapped with prosciutto and phyllo". While Burke was being trying to lead their meal preparation, Fox was "laughing and joking without being obnoxious". He didn't care about Burke's attitude. When the meals were cooked, and everyone was eating them, Fox was disgusted with his and Burke's appetizer, saying it was "the worst thing I've ever tasted," which prompted Burke to insult him, even though he said it jokingly. This made Eadlyn realize that Fox didn't have much money. Burke began to get upset later during the date and when Fox tried to quell the anger, Burke punched him and Fox stepped backwards from the force of the hit. Then, Fox began to fight with Burke. Kile pulled on Burke's arm and Fox was yelled at by Henri. As Burke pulled back for another punch, it hit Eadlyn and she fell to the floor. Erik helped her out.

After the date, when Eadlyn was with her parents, Maxon wanted to send both Burke and Fox home, but America rallied for Fox, claiming he didn't start the fight. After that, Eadlyn went and talked to Fox. He had a bruised eye that had swelled, bandages on "the opposite side of his head", wrapping "knuckles across his right hand" and pain in part of his rib cage. He said that he was "humiliated". Eadlyn listened to his story about his life before the Selection and asked him questions about why he was in the Selection and told him he wasn't going to be eliminated at that time.

Later, Fox was a performer in the Selection Variety Show. For his performance, he drew a picture of Eadlyn. The drawing was terrible, but Eadlyn loved how sweet it was. She described the drawing as "little more than a balloon-shaped head and some brown waves coming off it". She liked how "charming" his act was and wanted to secretly take the drawing later.

Features Edit

Fox has sun-kissed skin and platinum blond hair. According to Eadlyn, "he was lean and a little on the short side, but he had a pleasant enough face". He has been getting proper nutrition since he arrived at the Selection. He has a tan from being outside on the beach because he is a lifeguard. Neena commented to Eadlyn that she thought he was "more attractive than Hale."

Trivia Edit

  • The Barnes & Noble edition of The Heir in USA includes a written conversation between Kile Woodwork and Fox Wesley, after they fought with Burke Renn. It can be read here.
  • Fox was Eadlyn's first date after she was crowned Queen.


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The Crown by Kiera Cass 'Suitors Tell All' Capitol Report Episode-0

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