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Gavril Fadaye is a supporting character in The Selection Series. He is the announcer and host of the Selection. He is also a Northern rebel.


Gavril was chosen by the previous royal announcer, Barton Allory at the beginning of The Queen. Gavril was 22 and was just beginning his career with the Palace. He came "from a respectable line of Twos" and, as described by Amberly in The Queen, he is "sparkling with personality."

Gavril is very famous in Illéa and, by the time of Maxon's Selection, a legend. For almost twenty years, he has done the running commentary on Grateful Feast parades, Christmas shows, and anything related to the Palace. America claims to have never seen an interview with someone from the royal family or anyone close to them that wasn't conducted by Gavril. It is revealed that he was a Northern rebel, thus being one of the reasons the Northern rebels knew so much.

In The Heir, he is close to retirement, but decided to still work for the family because of Eadlyn's Selection.


Gavril wears a suit. On his lapel he usually wears a pin with a shape of a star, indicating he is a Northern Rebel.