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Gerad Singer is a supporting character in The Selection Series.


Gerad is America Singer's younger brother and the youngest child in the Singer family. He is only seen in the beginning of The Selection, as well as in The One, but mentioned throughout all of the series.

It is mentioned in The Crown that Gerad is a scientist. Eadlyn writes him a letter regarding her lady in waiting(Neena)'s boyfriend.

He has two nieces and four nephews: Astra, Leo (Kenna's and James's children) and Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Osten (America's and Maxon's children).


Gerad loves to play sports, especially ball, and to look at bugs, but finds all arts and music boring. He does not understand why he has to learn what he's best at and that he'll one day have to make a living out of it. As a child, Gerad also thinks girls are "icky."