Gunner Croft is a supporting character in The Heir and The Crown. He was chosen for Princess Eadlyn's Selection. He is one of the six Elite.

Biography Edit

The Heir Edit

Gunner, at Princess Eadlyn's Predinner Tea, went over to Eadlyn at the same time Baden Trains did. Gunner mentioned Osten Schreave and Eadlyn talked about her younger brother and, upon Baden's question, some of her other family.

Gunner performed during the Selection Variety Show. For his act, "Gunner read a poem."

Gunner's poem:

"Our lovely Princess Eadlyn,

It's hard to rhyme your name.

And though we really ticked you off,

We love you all the same."

The Crown Edit

When Eadlyn narrowed down the Selected Men to the final six, Gunner was chosen as part of the Elite, to his surprise. Eadlyn later cited the reason as being his poem that made her laugh.

Gunner later asked Eadlyn if she would kiss him, to determine if either of them felt any kind of spark. Gunner was confident that this kiss would be able to tell if they were meant to be together. Eadlyn obliged, and the two mutually agreed that they were not meant to be together. They parted on good terms.

Gunner said goodbye to Fox Wesley, though not to any of the other members of the Elite. Fox said that this was because Gunner was "sentimental" and didn't want to stay any longer and change his mind.

Features Edit

Gunner is described as being very short, almost petite-looking.

Trivia Edit

  • What he lacks in height he makes up for in heart, according to Eadlyn.
  • He was the first Elite to be eliminate (though it was his decision to leave the Palace.)
  • He was the first to kiss Eadlyn once the Elite had been chosen.
  • Eadlyn chose him as an Elite because of the poem he performed in The Selection Variety Show.
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