Hale Garner is a supporting character in The Heir and The Crown. He was chosen for Princess Eadlyn's Selection and he is one of the six Elite. He used to work as a tailor before he was chosen for the competition. He is from Belcourt. He was one of the last Suitors to be eliminated. The elimination was a mutual agreement between him and Eadlyn.


In their first meeting, Hale told Eadlyn that he would prove himself worthy of her hand more and more each day. He pointed out that he came from an excellent family and that his father used to be a Two, which made Eadlyn reply back that it wasn't as impressive as having a father who used to be a One. Hale was embarrassed by this.

In their second meeting, though, before a parade, he stood next to her, reassuring her that if she felt the least bit unsteady, his hand was there for her, and he promised that he wouldn't let her fall. When some people from the crowd started throwing rotten food at Eadlyn, demanding jobs and destroying the parade, Hale covered her with his body to protect her from the assault.

Later, during a tea party, after telling him that she doesn't enjoy a white tea during the winter, he promised her never to do it.

He was the first of the Selected Men that had a date with Eadlyn. One evening they went to the fourth-floor parlor of the palace where they could see the lights of the Angeles city, while eating various cakes. Hale talked about his family and his job and then praised Eadlyn about her fashion style, both of them laughing and having a good time. Eadlyn was generally comfortable during the date, as long as they stayed on safe topics, although she was anxious how she could handle the date, and hearing about his life. However, when she mentioned to him about her fashion design sketches and he asked if he could see them, she panicked. Feeling that this would be an intrusion to her personal world that would make her vulnerable, she left quickly from the date, leaving Hale behind.

Later, during a garden party, Eadlyn accidentally fell on Hale in front of the cameras. However, he steadied her on her feet. He asked her why she left him on their date, reprimanding her when she lied to him and making her feel guilty for her behavior. He declared though that he still liked her and he would keep on trying to prove himself to her.

During Princess Eadlyn's Game Show, Hale had answered many questions correctly, and had "the most checks" along with Ean Cabel and Raoul Silo.

Hale played at the Baseball Game. Eadlyn first saw him when he was leaving to the outdoors with water for the players. He was the one who invited her. Eadlyn saw him before the game started where he "was standing out in the middle of the diamond, practicing his pitches with Apsel." Hale was on the other team, so he pitched when Eadlyn was up to bat. He threw the ball slowly for her. When Eadlyn did poorly batting, he "laughed" along with Raoul Silo.

In The Crown, Ean kissed him in the Men's parlor. They realized that they had feelings for each other and he told Eadlyn that he could never marry her because he liked Ean. He didn't want to deceive her, should she choose to marry him.


Hale is clean-cut with blond hair. He has always a spotless, chic appearance, making Eadlyn admire and compliment many times his taste in fashion. During their date, where he had a more casual outifit, she thought that he looked cute.


Eadlyn notes that he "had an effortless warmth about him, similar to Miss Marlee, and it was easy to hold a conversation with him". She was grateful that he had protected her during the parade and he had approached her first during the tea party, making her feel comfortable and appear nice to the cameras. She told him that he is "one of the more put-together guys in the group" of the Suitors. The way he talks makes "everything feel calmer, brighter".


  • "Thank you so much for letting us into your home. I hope to prove myself worthy of your hand more and more each day." — Hale's first words to Eadlyn
  • "You don't have to be callous at all. We all know who you are and what you can do. We respect that." — Hale to Eadlyn
  • "When you're ready to talk — to really talk — I'll be here. Unless, of course, you come in and ninja eliminate me like you did those other guys." — Hale to Eadlyn


  • Hale has an eye for fashion.
  • His father passed away 7 years ago.
  • He admires Eadlyn for her sense of style.
  • His name means "nook, retreat".
  • Hale Garner and Kile Woodwork were the public's top two favorites in Princess Eadlyn's Selection.
  • He has feelings for Ean Cabel and he realized why he couldn't love Eadlyn.

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The Heir Meet the Selected Suitors Hale Garner-3

The Heir Meet the Selected Suitors Hale Garner-3

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The Crown by Kiera Cass 'Suitors Tell All' Capitol Report Episode-1

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