The Halloween Party took place in the palace during The Elite. It occurred during the month of October.

Preparation[edit | edit source]

The Elites' maids sketched and sewed their costumes which were photographed. Maxon made his announcement to the kingdom. The Elites' families were dressed in regal clothes during their stay. The Elites rehearsed for their traditional dance in which Celeste lead due to being an "epitome of gracefulness". She manage to break Natalie's feet and got the teachers to believe that she was innocent, though Natalie never bothered and America admired her for that. Maxon told America that she was the one and he was going to choose her. That's why he didn't dance with her best for last.

About The Event[edit | edit source]

For America's sake, Prince Maxon decided to revive the Halloween traditions across the country of Illéa, 80 years after Gregory Illéa had banned them, because he thought of them as frivolous and wasteful. Moreover, Maxon organised a Halloween party in the palace for the Elite and their families. The event was also broadcasted at the Illéa Capital Report.

According to America, in the Great Room "everything was golden. Ornaments on the walls, glittering jewels in the chandeliers, cups, plates, even the food, everything had hints of gold in it. It was nothing short of magnificent. In the corner a small band waited to play songs for traditional dances the selected learned. Cameras-both for photography and video- dotted the room".

Costumes[edit | edit source]

America Singer wore a butterfly costume.

Marlee Tames dressed up as an angel. Her wings looked like they were made out of iridescent paper.

Natalie Luca coordinated with Kriss which America noted as a "cute idea". She was spring. According to America, her dress had flowers blossoming on the bodice and a fluttery blue tulle.

Kriss Ambers coordinated with Natalie. She was fall/autumn. Her dress was as golden as the background and had leaves designed to it.

Celeste Newsome's dress was short. She was wearing a plume on her head. Noticing the design of her dress, America figured that she was a peacock.

Elise Whisks wore a traditional Asian silken dress with dramatic sleeves. According to America, her costume was an exaggeration of the demure ones she tended to favor. She may have not stand out but she still looked regal. She wore a ornate headdress on her head that made America wonder how she managed to balance it.

Queen Amberly's dress was a deep blue and adorned with diamonds that resembled the night sky.

King Clarkson dressed up as another king in another kingdom though America couldn't tell the difference.

Prince Maxon dressed up as a pirate though America complained that he should have been the bush to coordinate with her butterfly costume. She noticed "a shadow of dark blond fuzz that covered the bottom half of his face like a smile."

May Singer dressed as a bride they see on television. Her dress was white and puffy. America thought she was kidding.

The Guards could choose between their festival uniform and a costume. One wore a suit with a pin named Gavril Fadaye. One of the guards was so bold he had on a lady's dress.

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