Name Italy
Location Europe
Government Monarchy
Ruler(s) King of Italy
Queen of Italy
Princess Nicoletta
Inhabitants The Italians
Status Allies With Illéa
Italy is a country in Europe and an important ally of Illéa. The country is a monarchy ruled by the king and queen of Italy.

Princess Nicoletta stated that the Italian people have more freedoms than people in Illéa had before the castes were removed. Also they are willed to bond to Illéa.

Later, Nicoletta gave money to the Northern Rebels making it possible to stop the Southern rebels before they could overthrow the monarchy.

In The Heir it is mentioned that Italy is now an important ally of Illéa.

Trivia Edit

  • Kriss and America hosted the Italian Royals during a visit in Illéa.
  • In The One, King Clarkson stated that the Italian ladies loved America.
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