Janelle Stanton was a supporting character in The Selection. She was a Three chosen for the Selection.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Janelle had a room in the Palace across from Kriss Ambers.

During one day in the Women's Room, Janelle was seen by America with Zoe Peddler and Emmica Brass listening to Kriss. Later, America noticed Janelle as her "face was tight with worry", but her grumpiness was because she had not yet had a date with Prince Maxon. Next to her, Celeste Newsome and Anna Farmer were having a conversation.

During formal photographs between the Selected girls and Prince Maxon, Janelle was asked by Maxon out on a date when she went up to take her photos with him. Later that day, she "gushed about their plans to anyone who would listen". The hunting date that she went on was her second date with Maxon. During the date, she said some things against America and Maxon eliminated her. She cried when she returned to her. Kriss tried to help her, including hugging her. Janelle did not tell anyone why she was eliminated, saying that "she couldn't" to Kriss. She then warned Kriss to be careful of what she said before going away and slamming her door.

All the girls were curious over the cause of Janelle's elimination and discussed it, trying to find out the reason. Kriss also told the girls three times what she had witnessed and encountered when Janelle came back to her room as the girls roomed across the hall from each other.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She and America were the only girls who had two dates with Maxon, only a few days after the Selection began.
  • She was the 10th girl to be sent home in the Selection.
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