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Josephine "Josie" Woodwork is a supporting character in The Heir and The Crown. She is the second child of Carter and Marlee Woodwork and the younger sister of the Selected Kile Woodwork. She later marries Kaden Schreave and thus becomes a princess of Illéa.


She lives with her family in the palace, on the same floor as the Royal family. The Woodwork and Schreave children have known each other since they were all in diapers. She is four years younger than Kile.

The Heir

Josie and her friend Shannon which she has invited to the palace and while walking through the palace's garden, they encounter Eadlyn Schreave and she annoys her.

At some point, Osten Schreave gives Eadlyn some of Josie's journals that he'd secretly taken, which Eadlyn leaves on the floor by the doors to the garden, thinking "whatever Osten had planned, there was no way it would be as distressing as her stumbling across them when she came inside, with no clue as to how they'd gotten there or who had seen them." However, after Eadlyn becomes more friendly with Josie's brother, Kile Woodwork, and after he explains to her how Josie thinks, she feels sorry about the way she treats her. She admits that Josie was the closest female playmate she had while growing up and that she knows both her and Kile better than she knows her own cousins.

Josie hopes to have an arranged marriage someday. She enjoys the Selection process a lot and she is excited to see some new men in the palace. She attended Princess Eadlyn's Predinner Tea, interacting with the Selected and ended up trying to talk to Henri Jaakoppi, but walked away after she realized that Henri does not speak English very well.

During Princess Eadlyn's Selection Garden Party, Josie took a tiara from Eadlyn without permission and wore the tiara with her best dress. Eadlyn asked Kile to get it back, which he did.

Josie also participated in the Baseball Game. She "had stolen one of the boys' dress shirts and was wearing it open over her dress, looking silly and completely delighted".

The Crown

Josie gets told off by Eadlyn for persisting on throwing a party to lighten the mood while Eadlyn's mother, America Schreave. is recovering from a heart attack, saying "But why? Shouldn't you be celebrating? I mean, you're practically the queen, so-," which enrages Eadlyn, who tells her that being a queen is not just dresses and galas. She was then sent to her room, which meant not attending the Capital Report.

During the photoshoot after Eadlyn's coronation, her mother, Marlee Woodwork, expresses the idea that Josie could shadow Eadlyn for a few days, to see what a queen's job was like. During her first day with Eadlyn she overhears her conversation with Neena and Lady Brice Mannor as to whom she would marry, realising Eadlyn would do anything for her country, even marrying someone she does not love.

After this she has a change of mind about her wish to be in Eadlyn's place and surprises her by bringing her coffee and retrieving her mail. From then on she is assisting Neena, who is Eadlyn's lady-in-waiting at that point, and is the first to deliver the news of Marid Illéa's plans before anyone else.

After a meeting with Eadlyn's advisers, Josie apologizes to her for the way she had acted in the past, because she thought that being a queen is only about parties and dresses, while others do the difficult tasks. After this, the two girls become much friendlier and closer. Josie starts to act and dress more maturely, something that attracts Kaden Schreave's attention.

Six Years Later (The Crown bonus scene)

This ten-page bonus scene focuses on the wedding of Josie Woodwork and Kaden Schreave. During the final preparations, Eadlyn Schreave is seen helping Josie pin a light-blue sash to the neckline of her wedding dress. Josie is very nervous throughout the scene, despite wanting to be married so badly and loving Kaden deeply. During a conversation with her sister-in-law, she says that Eadlyn can now call her "Princess Josephine Schreave". Her maid of honor is revealed to be her longtime friend Shannon. After some reassurance from Eadlyn, and after accidentally running into Kaden and the men of their wedding party, she is confident and ready to go. Eadlyn remarks that she is ready now to become the newest princess of Illéa.


Josie, out of wanting to be like a princess (without understanding how hard it is) focuses on wearing flashy jewelry, heavy gowns, or lots of makeup, as Eadlyn had stated. But once Eadlyn comes clear with her, her natural beauty starts to show. This natural beauty is what attracted Kaden to her in the first place.


Eadlyn Schreave

In The Heir, Eadlyn has a poor relationship with Josie: While Eadlyn finds her immature and childish, Josie admires Eadlyn and tries to imitate her by behaving like a royal. Josie tells everyone that she and Eadlyn are like sisters, much to Eadlyn's annoyance, as she thinks that Josie is obnoxious, wretched and "a commoner." Similarly though, Josie tells her friends that Eadlyn behaves awfully.

Later on, Josie realises how hard and difficult Eadlyn's life actually was and apologizes for her behavior in the past, resulting in their relationship to improve: They start being much closer and friendlier to each other. Just before Josie's wedding, Eadlyn remarks that she sees her as a sister. It is clear that they have grown much closer over the past years, putting their differences behind them and learning how to be friends.

Ahren Schreave

When Josie was in her early teen years, she had a huge crush on Ahren and doodled his name in all of her notebooks. When he was walking in the hallway Josie and her friends "basically melted at the sight of his face." When she used his name casually her friends giggled.

Kaden Schreave

Josie and Kaden don't have much of a relationship throughout The Heir and The Crown. It is seen that her more serious and grown up demeanor at the end of The Crown attracts his attention. In the second epilogue to The Crown, 6 years after the end of The Crown, Josie and Kaden get married, thereby making Josie "Princess Josephine Schreave of Illéa".

Osten Schreave

Josie had not liked Osten because he always snooped around and stole her notebooks.


  • Thanks to King Maxon and Queen America, Josie's parents, Carter and Marlee Woodwork, had the honor of becoming the first casteless citizens in Illéa, before the abolishment of the castes was even announced publicly. Thus, her brother Kile was one of the first children in Illéa to be born without a caste. If the castes were still in place, Kile and Josie would be Twos.
  • She had a massive crush on Ahren Schreave; on all four members of Choosing Yesterday, "a popular band", and on a number of actors.
  • She filled out the application for Kile to compete in the Selection.
  • Ever since she saw the kiss she got so excited and started designing tiaras in her notebook.
  • Lucy taught her how to put on eyeliner.
  • She starts working as an office intern at the palace.
  • In the bonus epilogue of the Barnes and Noble edition of The Crown, after 6 years, Josie eventually marries Kaden.
  • Some fans refer to Josie and Kaden's ship as Kosie.
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