Kelsa was a supporting character that appeared in the novella The Queen as a member of the Selection during Queen Amberly's Selection along with King (then Prince) Clarkson.

Biography Edit

After Queen Abby was furious about a rumor that included Tia, she threatened the Selected girls, even slapping Amberly Station. After Abby left, the girls talked and Kelsa was shaken. She mentioned that "[Abby Schreave]'s so nice on TV".

At the dining table, Kelsa sat next to Amberly. When Queen Abby had returned from her vacation, Kelsa mentioned to Amberly that Abby was "glowering again" and they discussed how often Queen Abby was annoyed with the Selected girls. Kelsa did not admire Queen Abby and mentioned that Abby was "the only thing" that kept her from hoping to marry Prince Clarkson. She and Amberly joked before the Rebels attacked, gassing the room. While Kelsa seemed to have escaped, Amberly was disoriented and Clarkson helped to rescue her.

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