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Kenna Orders (née Singer) was a supporting character in The Selection Series.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kenna was America Singer's older sister and the eldest child in the Singer family. Originally part of the fifth caste, Kenna became a Four after marrying a man named James. Despite being pregnant, she appeared amongst the large crowd with the rest of her family to say good-bye to America as she was headed to the palace for the Selection.

In The One, Kenna had a daughter named Astra. She also came to her father's funeral and she cried when she read his last letter for her. America revealed to Kenna, Kota and their mother that she had a relationship with Aspen before the Selection. Kenna talked with America about it and advised her to discuss her feelings with both Aspen and Maxon.

On America's wedding, James and Kenna were the first members of her family who walked down the aisle before the bride.

Kenna and her family live in a house near the palace. The house was a gift from Maxon to America.

Later, she gave birth to a son, Leo Orders.

In The Heir it is revealed that she died of cardiac problems, around December, the same time that her father died.

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