Kota Singer is a supporting character in The Selection Series. He chose to be independent and live away from his beloved family, while everyone else (excluding Kenna who was married), stayed behind.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kota is America Singer's older brother and the second oldest sibling in the Singer family. It appears that Kota's departure from the family brought up tensions between him and the family. When he comes to say good-bye to America, she notes that "his presence added more tension than ease."

In The One, Kota's older sister, Kenna, has a daughter named Astra. However, because he had nothing to gain by going to meet his niece, he didn't go. He did participate in his father's funeral, but he was complaining about being away from his studio and forced to either sleep on the couch or with Gerad. In his last letter, his father left him the Singers' house, but Kota expressed his lack of interest at "that dump." He revealed to America that he was aware of her relationship with Aspen. America, however, informed him, Kenna, and their mother that she did have a two-year relationship with Aspen, but now she loved Prince Maxon and Kota could not use this information to blackmail her.

He has two nieces and four nephews: Astra, Leo (Kenna's and James's children) and Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Osten (America's and Maxon's children).

It is revealed in The Crown from Magda Singer that he and America tried for years to work things out, but they couldn't become civil. She also says that he is getting better and she thinks it's because of his wife Leah.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kota seems to care more about money and fame in comparison to the rest of his family, because he lingers as photographers try to take pictures of his sister and tells America to mention his art to Prince Maxon. A few years ago, Kota made a metal sculpture that sold for a lot of money, but instead of giving the money to his family that desperately needed it, he kept almost all of it for himself.

After selling the sculpture, Kota started getting more attention and now has a wait list of clients that he charges exorbitant amounts from. After that, he decided to leave the family because he wanted to use the money to buy his way up the castes. America tells Maxon that Kota has his heart set on being a Two.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • America and Kota were really close prior to the latter's fallout with the family.
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