Kriss Ambers has a birthday party at the Palace during the Selection.

About The Birthday Party[edit | edit source]

Kriss is the only other Selection girl to have her birthday at the Palace, which brings along a lavish party for her. The Dining Hall was decorated for the occasion with vases on the walls, arrangements of white and yellow flowers, and like bouquets in some bowls scattered about. Much of the room was decorated with garlands such as the windows. The tables around the room had linens on them and confetti shimmer on the tables. Even the chairs were decorated with bow on the backs of the seats. She had a large cake in a coordinating colors and "a string quartet" to play. Kriss, also, had a table with some gifts for her. A photographer was present as well.

The Selected Girls were forced to go, but they were in little groups, enjoying the party. Kriss was dressed in "floor-length gown". Her outfit was close to white but was creamy and there were pinned jewels the color of yellow in a row in the front of her hair to look like a crown. According to America, Kriss "looked mature, regal, bridal." Kriss was sweet, going around giving her thanks to her guests even though the Selected Girls did not have an option on attending or not.

During the party, after America played the violin for Kriss, Celeste became jealous of the attention towards her and spilled red punch on Kriss's gown which she claimed was an accident. When Kriss started crying and ran out of the room, Maxon left after her. While Kriss was upset at first she got to spend time with Maxon while he helped her to get the drink stain off of her dress.

Attire[edit | edit source]

The other girls wore day dresses - short girlish dresses - while Kriss wore a floor length gown that was creamy and almost white in color. Yellow jeweled pins were pinned in a row looking like a crown. According to America, she looked "mature, regal, and bridal". Kriss dress choice was incredibly strategic and helped her have an advantage.

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