Lacey Luca was a character mentioned in The Selection Series. She was the sister of Natalie Luca, who was chosen for the Selection and was also one of the Six Elites.


Lacey was the younger sister of Natalie Luca. She appeared briefly in The Elite for the Halloween celebration in the palace.

Lacey was killed by Southern Rebels in the end of The Elite, something that forced Natalie to leave the Selection, completely shattered by her loss.

Appearance Edit

America described her as "very pretty". She noted that Lacey "was about May’s age... I could see how Lacey resembled her sister. Physically, they were thin, blond and lovely."

Personality Edit

According to America, "But where May and I were opposites personality-wise, Natalie and Lacey were so similar. I would have described Lacey as a bit less whimsical, however. Not quite as clueless as her sister."

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