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Gillespi/Mercer/Leger Family Tree

"A note from Kiera: Aspen's family was almost untouched by the original cast implementation. Ava and Logan Gillespi lived a quiet life as Threes. They were both writers, and were devoutly patriotic. One of their neighbors was caught harboring rebels, and Gregory Illéa sentenced that family to Eights and made everyone on their block drop a caste, as he assumed someone must have known about the illegal activities and didn't tell.

The Gillespies, new to being Fours, made friends with the Mercers, a family who owned a restaurant. Seeing that as a viable option, they pooled their resources into opening a restaurant of their own, and their daughter, Orin, eventually married the Mercers's son, Noah. Orin and Noah had four daughters while, unbeknownst to them, Orin's parents saved so that the oldest daughter, Lena, could buy her way back to the Three status the family should have, and help the rest of her siblings.

Lena took the money... but spent most of it to pay for the fine so she could marry a server in their restaurant, a young man with brilliant green eyes named Elec Leger. They quietly endured the waiting period, married in secret, and returned to tell Lena's parents.

Lena was unceremoniously kicked out of her family, left with no one but Elec. They were homeless for five months before they both could save enough to get a small apartment, and that tiny home was soon full of children - very loved children.

Aspen watched his father die from a sickness he couldn't even name because they were too broke to visit a doctor for a diagnosis. Within a month of falling ill, Elec was dead.

Lena mourned the loss of her husband deeply. But even though she was now parenting seven children along with very little income, she never regretted her choice to marry Elec. There are no pictures of Aspen's father, but his things are around the house, and Aspen will often find his mother cleaning off a knickknack of his and lovingly setting it back in its place.

But Aspen also watches as she works herself to the bone. And that is the main reason he second-guesses his life with America. He loves her with a singular devotion, but in his eyes there's a huge difference between being born into his lifestyle and descending into it."

Later, he broke up with America. While America was chosen for the Selection, Aspen was drafted into the army, making him a guard at the palace and a Two.

At the palace he met Lucy, whom he fell in love with and married. In The Heir, Aspen and Lucy struggle to have a child, but with years of treatments, several miscarriages and three failed adoptions, they decide to accept that it's over and let it go, but Lucy still can't believe she'll never be a mother.

"Prior to the caste system, the Leger family name was Huntington."

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