Lena Leger (née Mercer) is a supporting character in The Selection Series.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Lena Leger came from a family of Fours. Her parents are Noah and Orin Gillespi and she has three siblings. The Gillespies were Threes when the caste system was implemented, however, when a neighbor was caught harboring rebels, everyone on their street was knocked down a caste. As new Fours, her parents opened a restaurant. They saved their money so she could buy her way back to the Three status the family should have and help the rest of her siblings. As Lena was the oldest of four sisters, the money went to her.

Instead of buying her way up, however, Lena spent the money to pay the fine to marry a Six, a green-eyed server at her parents' restaurant named Elec Leger. After revealing to her parents what she had done, Lena was kicked out of her family, left to be homeless with Elec.

Lena soon became the mother of Aspen, Beckner, Kamber, Celia, Reed, Jemmy, and Ivy. Some time after, Elec became ill with a disease the family didn't even have a name for because they didn't have enough money to visit a doctor for a diagnosis. A month later, Elec passed away.

Even though Elec died and she has seven children with little income, Lena does not regret marrying him. Although there are no pictures of her husband, Lena often cleans his knickknacks and lovingly sets them back down in their place.

She only appeared once in The Selection when America and her mom went to the office to register for the Selection.

Personality[edit | edit source]

America notes that she is a genuinely kind person. Despite not having a lot, she always tries to help others and is always nice to America.

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