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Lucy is a supporting character in The Selection Series. She was one of America Singer's three maids, along with Mary and Anne. After the events of The One she retired and married Aspen Leger.


Unlike the other maids, Lucy was sold to the palace as a servant. Her family needed money for her mother's operation and they gave their services to a family of Threes in return. Her mother never got better, and Lucy and her father were never able to pay back the full amount of money for the surgery. Lucy ended up falling in love with the son of her employers - whose mother was a three, but as soon as the boy's mother discovered their relationship, she sold both Lucy and her father to the palace; Lucy then became a maid and her father worked in the stables.The couple must have been terribly in love because Anne said that Lucy cried for days.

Two years previous to the Selection America enters, the rebels attacked the palace and were able to infiltrate it. Apparently, one of the rebels got Lucy and dragged her away to take advantage of her. Although it is not known how far he was able to get, a soldier shot the rebel, but the body fell on Lucy, covering her with blood. She has never fully recovered from the incident and rebel attacks make her panic. She has to keep her panic attacks a secret or she will be demoted from a palace maid to the kitchens, because maids are required to be "fit enough, smart enough, and attractive enough" to be seen by anyone from outside the palace.

The Selection Series[]

Lucy later falls in love and marries Aspen Leger, much to the liking and approval of America, thus she retires from her maid duties.

In the bonus epilogue of The One, two years have passed after the wedding of Maxon and America. America organizes a party for Maxon's birthday. During the party, Maxon and Aspen have a conversation about married life. Aspen and Lucy had planned to get married not too long after Maxon and America did, but when her dad got sick, everything was put on hold. He eventually recovered, but even after that Aspen was afraid that Lucy would change her mind, like America had. However, they were so right for each other and they finally did get married, to America's utmost happiness. Aspen felt a bit overwhelmed to be married, so Maxon proposed that he and Lucy should find their own home outside the palace, a gift from the royal couple, which Aspen happily accepts.

In The Heir, Lucy and Aspen struggle to have a child, but with years of treatments, several miscarriages and three failed adoptions, they decide to accept that it's over and let it go, but Lucy still can't believe she'll never be a mother.

Lucy is still close to America and is called "Miss Lucy" by Eadlyn. Lucy was present at the tea party, and played in the Baseball Game.


Lucy has beautiful blond hair, that as a maid, always ties up, blue eyes and a petite frame. When America very rarely sees her with her hair free, she thinks that she looks very beautiful and much younger. May loves to brush her hair and tries a lot of hairstyles and even clothes on her. During such a make-over, Aspen sees her in a long, blue dress, like a princess, and he comments that it's "an amazing transformation".


According to Kiera Cass, "Lucy is a woman of few words". Lucy is very shy, but like Anne and Mary, she respects America and all her family and enjoys being her maid. Also, the three maids show a deep respect and almost adoration to Prince Maxon. They support America a lot, helping her through the Selection, thinking that she will be a wonderful queen and a great match for Maxon. Lucy tries a lot to make her father proud of her. Since that traumatic incident with the rebel, Lucy has never fully recovered and panics during rebel attacks, but thanks to America's care and Aspen's protection, she now feels much safer and calm. She enjoys talking with Mary, Anne, America and May and she has a lot of fun when she has make-overs with May.

Lucy and the Rebels[]

Lucy has always been afraid of the rebels and always fears their arrival. Mary explained [to America] that once, during a rebel attack, a rebel came and grabbed Lucy and licked her face and then, a palace guard shot [the rebel] dead and the rebel's blood all over Lucy. America felt shocked when she found this out because she couldn't imagine shy Lucy being able to survive through that.


  • "We know you're strong, but accepting help is its own kind of strength." — Lucy to Aspen Leger
  • "Maxon has to pick you. You're the only one who gives me hope." — Lucy to America Singer
  • "I think we need to accept that it's over. Years of treatments, so many miscarriages, and three failed adoptions... we just need to let it go." — Lucy to General Aspen Leger in The Heir
  • "We have a very tangled past, don't we? [...] We've made mistakes and kept secrets and done plenty of foolish things along with the good. But look at us. We're grown women. And look at Eadlyn. [...] Should she be looking at herself twenty years from now bound by every little lapse in judgement? Feeling chained by them? [...] Should we?" — Lucy to Miss Marlee in The Crown.
  • "Any girl who would risk her life for someone she loves certainly deserves to be called a lady."- Lucy to Aspen Leger in The Guard


  • A bonus scene, narrated in her point of view, is included in the Barnes & Noble edition of The One, sold only in USA. It is also included in Happily Ever After. It can be read here.
  • In this Tumblr post, Kiera Cass explains how Lucy and Aspen fell in love with each other.
  • When Maxon and America were in New Asia, their son Kaden lost his first tooth and Lucy was the one who helped him get it out.
  • She taught Josie Woodwork how to put eyeliner on.