Madeline was supporting character that appeared in the novella The Queen as a member of the Selection during Queen Amberly's Selection along with King (then Prince) Clarkson.

Biography Edit

When her maids needed to borrow some thread, a maid of Madeline's went to Amberly's room as she was a room over. Later, Madeline went over to thank Amberly and her maids which was the beginning of their friendship.

When Amberly's headache was slightly noticeable, Madeline was sitting with Amberly and Danica before Amberly excused herself. Madeline often sat near Amberly and Bianca, as noted by Amberly about who she herself sat near.

When Bianca told Madeline and Amberly about how Hendly was engaged, Madeline and Bianca were thrilled at the prospect of Hendly marrying a Two, as it meant they might marry an actor as opposed to someone with a Three's medical profession. Amberly was skeptical over marrying someone you don't even know. Madeline and Bianca were comparing that to the Selection, expressing how they didn't know Prince Clarkson well.

Madeline talked about a gossip about Tia, and Bianca said that Tia was seemingly "smug" and mentioned Clarkson. Madeline did not like Tia's attitude towards the gossip. When Queen Abby threw Tia out, she warned the rest of the girls, even slapping Amberly. When Queen Abby left, Madeline was concerned about Amberly.

After Abby went on vacation, the threat to the Selected was diminished, so they talked and walked around as friends. They even traded some fashionable things. Bianca and Danica traded shoes, and Madeline searched the jewelry box in Bianca's room. Amberly and Danica talked about how Queen Abby was cruel to them, and what they themselves would do if they were the next Queen of Illéa. Danica realized that when it came to Prince Clarkson, Amberly was in love.

Madeline sat next to Amberly for the Report when Piper was too frightened to answer a question, because Queen Abby had "warned [the girls] to be silent". Amberly answered the question instead. Madeline talked a little to Amberly.

When Amberly was depressed, Madeline was concerned about her. Amberly asked her about her goals in life. Madeline, for "the most out of life" would want to be "the new princess [...]. With tons of admirers and parties every weekend and Clarkson on a string." Trying to be funny, she later said "Why would anyone go for the least they could have?" When Amberly started to become upset, Madeline was concerned again and soon joked with Amberly before she escorted her away and Amberly hugged her.

Amberly became her old self again. When Bianca was being funny, and Amberly laughed, Madeline was happily surprised to have her friend back again.

Personality Edit

Madeline seems to be very sweet and kind, as well as one of Amberly's closer friends during the Selection along with Bianca who is willing to stand up for what she believes in. She seems like she does want to marry Prince Clarkson, but she is most likely not in love with him like the future Queen Amberly. She also likes cakes.

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