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Magda Singer (née Lines) is a supporting character in The Selection Series.


Magda Singer was a Five even before marrying Shalom. Her maiden name was Lines. Magda met Shalom while working. Shalom was at a party held by a Two who recently bought six pieces from Shalom and wanted to show them off to his friends. Magda was playing piano in the background. Magda even was a "caste climber" back then, ignoring Shalom and hoping to marry up a caste or two, but eventually she caved and married him.

Magda is America Singer's mother and the person who pushed her to enter the Selection the most. She is the matron of the Singer family. Her daughter America used to perform with her at parties by singing while the latter played the piano. Magda was the only one besides Aspen and May that really wanted America to be in the Selection, and she constantly pressured her to sign up. Eventually, she bribed America into entering by saying that if she applied, but didn't get Selected, she can start performing on her own and keep half of her earnings.

America called her mother a "caste climber" because she is exactly that; while America is content with being a Five, Magda envisions her as the Queen of Illéa or even just a caste higher. It also helped that being in the Selection means that the entrant's family would get a small stipend for the time that the contestant was in the palace. Although Magda seemed like a bit of a social climber, she really did love her family and only wanted the best for her children.

In The One, Magda became a grandmother when her eldest daughter, Kenna, gave birth to a daughter, Astra. A few years before the events of The Heir, Kenna gave birth of a son, Leo.

Later, America gave birth to a girl and a boy, named Eadlyn and Ahren, making her the grandmother of the future queen of Illéa, and two more boys, Kaden and Osten.

In the end of The Crown, Eadlyn has a daughter named Kerttu, making Magda a great-grandmother.

Then she soon died after that but glad for having a great-grandchild.


Like her red hair, Magda has a fiery temper that she passed on to her daughter America. Because of their tempers, the two are often at odds with each other. However, Magda is able to convince others, even her daughter America. When America refused to enter the Selection, Magda bribed her into entering, saying she'll be able to start performing by herself and get to keep half of her earnings. Magda can be very demanding and pushy, but in the end, she only wants the best for her family. America also called her a “caste climber”, as she wanted her female children to marry up castes. A really pushy mother.


America notes that, for a Five, her mother is a little on the heavy side, but she assumes that it comes from having five children. Magda's hair is red but full of brilliant white streaks. Although she is still young, Magda's face is lined with worry and she walks around "hunched over as if an invisible weight rested on her shoulders".


  • For her grandchildren, Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden & Osten Schreave, she is the only grandparent still alive. Her husband and Prince Maxon's parents passed away before their birth.
  • At New Year's Eve, she danced in the fountain of the palace. Maxon stated that he will never let it go.
  • When she was leaving the palace after her visit, she told Eadlyn to find a husband as soon as possible because she wanted to see at least one great-grandchild before she's dead. This topic made Eadlyn uncomfortable.