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Markson is a supporting character in The Guard.


Markson was seen a few times by America in The Selection. He is seen talking to King Clarkson once about security and is the one leading the party to rescue America when the rebels were chasing after her in The Elite. Also in The Elite, America sees Markson when he opens the safe room where America and Maxon were hiding out in. America notes Markson to be a higher-up guard. Markson was also known by Aspen as a higher-ranked officer.


Markson is very loyal to his country and his king. He is seen talking to the king, and said to Aspen and some other guards on one mission that they would not come back without what the royal family wanted. Markson is also used to being in charge and reacts quickly to problems, but he is also caring. He asks Aspen in The Guard if he is fit to keep working, as Aspen was injured beforehand.