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Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you'd like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.
—Maxon to America

Maxon Calix Schreave is a main character and love interest of America Singer in The Selection Series.


Maxon was the sixth king and the former prince of Illéa. He was the prize of his Selection. He was the only legitimate child of King Clarkson and the only surviving child of Queen Amberly. He grew up in the palace and had tutors. He had befriended the French princess Daphne as a young child and they became best friends. His father also began abusing him before the age of 10, but it was unknown then. Right before his Selection began, Daphne said that she was in love with him. Maxon however didn't return the romantic feelings and Daphne had left, hurt and angry.

The Selection

During The Selection he immediately was fond of America Singer whom he began a friendship with. He liked Celeste Newsome thanks to their mutual fondness of photography - her being interested through her career of modeling. He also liked Kriss Ambers because of her kind nature. Eventually he fell in love with America and tried to kiss her. America was surprised, but eventually let Maxon in. Olivia Witts later told the girls that Maxon had kissed her, but America later finds out that this is not true. The Selected girls believed that Olivia was his first kiss. Later in The One, America shares with the Elite that this was a lie and Maxon kissed her first.

His first date with any of the Selected (and his first date ever) was with America Singer. He had two dates with her and two with Janelle, but during the second date, Janelle said things against America, so Maxon sent her home immediately.

After a major Rebel Attack three girls went home. Maxon decided to pick his Elite earlier and only picked six instead of ten as to try and end the Selection more quickly.

He chose Kriss Ambers and Natalie Luca thanks to them being "nice girls", Celeste Newsome as well as Marlee Tames because she was the peoples' favorite, Elise Whisks because of her New Asian connections and America Singer as his Elite girls.[3]

The Elite[4]

In The Elite, Maxon grew close to America. However they argued quite a bit and so he grew close with the others, too. They mostly argued about Marlee's caning and because of that America distanced herself from him a bit. As a result he began to grow closer to Kriss Ambers.

He becomes a little distant to America due to not wanting to face her after Marlee's caning. After things were settle down the two reconciled their relationship. Maxon had never felt free so he decided to kiss Celeste in the hallways and didn't know America was watching until she got angry.

Maxon got upset once Clarkson tries to eliminate America due to her stunt on the Report. Clarkson wants to talk to America, but instead he proposes that he go, and not America. Maxon later gets punished by his father.

After going into the hospital wing, he meets up with America by accident and the two get locked into a safe room together. As they were talking Maxon couldn't endure the pain anymore, so he shows America the scars on his back. She helps to clean him up. America, thinking that she's leaving afterwards, she confesses her feelings for Maxon, and he does to her as well. The two become emotional and happy, but sad as well thinking that they will be apart forever.

Once the rebels left, Maxon talks with Clarkson so that America can stay in The Selection.

The One

During The One, he made the final two of his choices America and Kriss, but he told America that he would pick her to be his wife. The whole time he was suspecting America of having a relationship with a guard named Aspen Leger which he was partially right about. After a misunderstanding in the hallway outside of America’s room the night after Maxon tells America he is going to choose her, he told America that he would pick Kriss. However, before the ceremony the next day, Southern Rebels raid the Palace and Maxon steps in front of a bullet to save America, which showed that he truly loved her. He was in pain, and told her his heart was only ever hers to break. He also stated that he almost ruined both of their lives by almost choosing Kriss instead of America.

At the end of The One (after he had healed) he and America got married and were crowned as the new king and queen of Illéa, after his parents' death at the hands of the Southern rebels.

Post The One

At the last epilogue of The One, America tells Maxon that she's pregnant and they're going to have a baby. It turns out they had twins, a boy and a girl. The girl, the heir to Illéa's throne being born 7 minutes before her brother, is called Eadlyn and the boy is called Ahren.

For Eadlyn, Maxon and America changed the law, thus making her the future queen.

The Heir

In The Heir, Maxon has two more children with America, Kaden, who is 14, and Osten, who is 10. He is also perceived as looking very tired. At the end of The Heir, he is seen in the hospital wing crying, with Aspen and his family comforting him, because his wife, America, had a heart attack, which runs in her family. They all pray for her recovery.

His sons, Ahren and Kaden, according to Kiera Cass, take more after their father, Maxon, than they do America

See Prince Maxon's Selection for more information.

The Crown

After America's heart attack Maxon has been hesitant to leave her in the hospital wing by herself. As a result of this he has trouble eating, sleeping, and more importantly ruling the country. Because of this he has name Eadlyn regent of Illéa until he feels better. When America woke up from her heart attack he still stood there by her side and made sure she stayed safe. Every time she would wake up in the middle of the night he would start to get worried and since he has the lack of sleep he has trouble ruling. He doesn't remember a time that he had "10 undisturbed hours with his wife." When Eadlyn hears this she proposes to her father to let her officially ascend the throne. Maxon happily accepted and gave her his signet ring. On The Report when he announced that he was retiring and that his daughter is going to ascend the people became joyous which was the opposite of what he was expecting since the people of Illéa don't really like her. It is revealed from Eadlyn that they still slow dance whenever it rains. Whenever the clouds turn dark Maxon wouldn't wait a second to sweep America away. When Eadlyn told him that she wanted to marry Eikko and that she was afraid to break the rules, Maxon showed his back scars to her and revealed the first time when he was abused. When he was 11 Maxon found out that Clarkson was having an affair with another woman after seeing her leaving one night while walking around in the palace. When he saw her he went to his father and said "You cannot let that whore in here again." As a result his father dislocated his shoulder and pushed him onto the ground and caned him. This affair resulted him having an illegitimate half- sister Lady Brice Mannor. Maxon advises Eadlyn to break the stupid rule and marry the man she loves because if he's good enough for her then he approves. He is shown in the end shaking Eikko's hand and accepting him as his son in-law.

Six Years Later (The Crown bonus scene)

In the bonus scene, Maxon is seen with America, Osten, and his son-in-law Eikko Koskinen, watching his granddaughter Kerttu playing in her flower girl dress. He is later included in the group of boys that make up his son Kaden Schreave's wedding party.

It is revealed that his daughter Eadlyn is pregnant with his second grandchild.

Josie Woodwork becomes his second daughter-in-law after marrying his son Kaden.


When America first saw Maxon on TV, she believed he was a shallow and stuck-up person. Thus, when she meets him for one of the first times, she misunderstands his intentions and knees him in the groin. However, he forgives her and she later discovered that he was actually very, very kind and a gentleman. The two eventually became friends, talking to each other, sharing secrets, and having fun together. America guided him to better understand his kingdom and to help the lower castes. Thanks to her, he eventually announced his plan to dissolve the castes, offering a better future to thousands of his subjects. He became even more compassionate and generous, as seen when he saved Marlee and Carter from death and kept them secretly in the castle. He also offered to Paige, a homeless Eight girl, who used to be a Four, a job in the palace as a kitchen maid, thus saving her from poverty. People openly supported him and they were thinking that he would be a great king. In return, he helped America a lot in the Selection, offering her many things even before she asked for them, comforting her when she was sad, worrying when she was hurt or in danger, and financially aiding her family.

Maxon admires America for her strong will, courage, kindness, and sense of honor. He mentioned at the beginning of the Selection that he wanted to be around her so that these features would also rub off on him. He likes honesty and truth and he specifically asked from America to trust him and his decisions and always be open with him. He is very private: he doesn't like when people interfere with his personal life (especially during the Selection where cameras follow his every step) or when the Elites gossip with each other about what he does or doesn't do with them.

When Maxon doesn't have to be serious in front of other people, a behavior that his father has forced on him, Maxon is very light-hearted, carefree, funny and willing to even override some rules, especially when he wants to offer something to America. He loves taking pictures and he is very talented at it. He reveals that if he wasn't the prince he would like to be a photographer, a Five. His hobbies include hunting and he is very skilled at archery and horseback riding. He likes to walk around the palace, especially at night when it's peaceful, as this helps him better in his thoughts. He enjoys watching mostly action movies.

Sometimes Maxon has the temper of his father, although he quickly calms down again. He offers and asks for forgiveness easily. Considering the problematic relations with his strict father, his character has actually been formed quite greatly, thanks to his mother's kindness and calmness. He had been taught to always try his best to succeed and he thinks it's this trait of him that makes him pursue America and not give up on her until the end. Being forced all his life to be perfect, he often got tired of people telling him what to do. His father didn't trust his opinions and this frustrated him. Especially during the Selection where his father and other counselors forced him to choose the girls that they liked, he got angry when America asked him to kick out Celeste and then August asked him to choose America. He wanted to choose himself his future wife and decide who to keep and who to send away.


Maxon has short honey-blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. He also has a very muscular build. When America first saw Maxon on TV, she admitted that he was handsome in his own way and in a completely different way from Aspen. She thought that he looks like "summertime... His hair was cropped short and neatly done and his gray suit was perfectly fitted to him... He looked so uptight. His clean hair was too perfect, his tailored suit too crisp. He seemed more like a painting than a person". When America met him in person for the first time, she saw that his walk was graceful for a boy and he looked incredibly comfortable as he paced around her.

During the Halloween party, the only time that America saw him unshaven for two days for the sake of his pirate costume, she noticed "a shadow of dark blond fuzz that covered the bottom half of his face like a smile".

From a walk around the gardens that she took with him, America noticed that Maxon has strong muscles, too. She's also mentioned to Marlee that she likes his arms. When tending to his back wounds, she mentioned that "Maxon's chest was as sculpted as any piece of art I’d ever seen". During a makeout scene, America says "I ran my fingers lightly down his stomach, admiring how strong he was".

In The Heir, it is described by Eadlyn Schreave, his daughter, that he got older. Some gray hairs are already in his blond hair and he has laughing lines around his eyes. He now has reading glasses, too.

His sons Ahren and Kaden are mini versions of him.


America Singer

America was Maxon's first love. He also shared his first kiss with her on her balcony. They met near the garden when America needed to breathe. Maxon was amused with America because of how she sees the palace as a "cage" and also scolding him for being too shallow to find a wife this way. During breakfast they formally met each other and when Maxon asked America if she could have romantic feelings for him, she said she couldn't because her heart was elsewhere but America was willing to make a trade. Imagining Maxon's life as the prince, he couldn't just narrow down 34 girls that fast to the one he was willing to marry. So America offered that he needed someone inside, a "confidante". She asks Maxon to be her friend. Maxon became friends with America when he met her. He quickly though became infatuated and then fell in love with her, after spending time with her and enjoying her company, although America hadn't initially realized his feelings toward her. He had his first ever kiss with her and that was when she realized that she might want to be with him. He offered to her many presents, always knowing what makes her happy, and he shared secrets with her, such as information about the rebels or Gregory Illéa's diary. He even revived the Halloween celebrations all over the country, after 80 years, for her sake. When his father became outraged that America had read the top secret Gregory's diary on live TV (though they cut it off after America announced she wanted to eliminate the caste systems), Maxon got caned by him, choosing not to resist, as he was afraid that his father would hit her instead of him. He defended her in many other occasions and stopped his father from kicking her out of the Selection. When Southern rebels attacked Maxon and America in the streets, he protected her immediately, telling her to run without him. He always cared for her well-being, safety, and happiness, wanting only her love in return. Maxon even endeavored to learn America's maids names' by asking them to introduce themselves, as he was embarrassed that Aspen had known America's head maid's name and Maxon did not, stating, “Shouldn’t I know the people who tend to you better than some random guard?”

However, believing that she still loved Aspen, America told Maxon that she needed more time to get over her past and decide if she wanted to be his wife. He generously gave her a lot of time to make her mind. He tried to hide his jealousy and insecurity, however, as he knew that she often compared him to her ex-boyfriend. He suspected that Aspen may have been the person in question, but he gave her the benefit of the doubt, thinking that she would tell him if it was true. Thus, he was completely heartbroken when he finally found out about them. This made Maxon almost choose Kriss to be his wife, but the invasion of Southern rebels stopped the Choosing Ceremony. Seeing America threatened to be shot by a rebel, he didn't think twice: he jumped in front of her to protect her life and got an almost fatal wound below his left shoulder, proving that he still loved her no matter what. When he finally proposed to her, not on one knee but on his bed for he was injured from the rebel attack, she gladly accepted, as she was also in love with him. She said to herself that if Maxon survived, she would let him call her "my dear", something that he liked to do since the first time they met.

2 years after their wedding, during his birthday party, America announced to him that she was expecting their first child. The news made him tearfully happy and love her even more.

America eventually gave birth to twins, Princess Eadlyn and Prince Ahren.

Later, he and America had two more children, Prince Kaden and Prince Osten.

Her heart attack at the end of The Crown, left him in a devastated state. He refused to leave her bed, barely eating. He himself states that he has problems sleeping because he needs to check on her for an hour if something bad happens.

Gavril Fadaye states that she is his match in every way. He claims that "his whole world has hung on her since they met."

Kriss Ambers

"I can't tell you she means nothing. I can tell you that you mean more." — Maxon to America on his feelings toward Kriss in his bedroom in The One

Maxon, in the Selection, did have an affection for Kriss, although it was more a friendly one. She was the first he showed into his room and also the last he let go, together with America. When he found out about Aspen, he was devastated and planned to get married to Kriss, but was stopped by the Southern Rebels' attack. Throughout the competition, America saw Kriss as someone the Prince almost could love as much as her, but the two girls maintained a "healthy" relationship. He kissed Kriss after she revealed that she couldn't wait any longer. Maxon admitted that he had feelings towards Kriss, but that his feelings for America were stronger.

King Clarkson

Maxon always had a strained relationship with his father. In The Elite, America discovered that due to her disobedience, the King had caned his son. His father's strictness was the reason he was so calm and slow to anger; also why he had such muscular arms. His father did not want him to marry America under any circumstances, which made him dislike his father. However, when his father was killed, Maxon was still deeply depressed.

Queen Amberly

Maxon loved his mother deeply and it's thanks to her calming nature that he also became good-natured and kind, no matter his father's strictness. She also loved him very much, as being her only child, and worried every time he had to fly abroad for the country's affairs. Maxon was heartbroken when she died. She died trying to save Clarkson, being the selfless figure everyone knew and adored.


  • "In public? You thought...for heaven's sake. I'm a gentleman!" — Prince Maxon to America Singer during their first date.
  • "If you don't want me to be in love with you, you're going to have to stop looking so lovely... I'm not kidding. You're too beautiful for your own good." — Prince Maxon to America Singer
  • "You've changed me forever. And I'll never forget you." — Prince Maxon to America Singer
  • "Soon, when it's proper for me to end the Selection, when I propose to you, I want it to be as easy as breathing for you to say yes. I promise to do everything in my power between now and that moment to make it that way. Anything you need, anything you want, say the words. I will do everything I can for you." — Prince Maxon to America Singer
  • “I want to let all the walls down with you. You deserve that.” — Prince Maxon to America Singer
  • "...I was absolutely floored the first time I finally, truly saw her... As if it weren't enough that she was willing to stand up to me and clearly unafraid to be herself, she was dazzlingly beautiful. Underneath thick lashes were eyes blue as ice, something cool to balance out the flames in her hair. Her cheeks were smooth and slightly blushed from crying. And her lips, soft and pink, slightly parted as she studied our hands." — Prince Maxon about America Singer
  • "...I want everything with you, America. I want the holidays and the birthdays, the busy seasons and lazy weekends. I want peanut butter fingerprints on my desk. I want inside jokes and fights and everything. I want a life with you." — Prince Maxon to America Singer
  • "Oh, please. A man doesn’t need that long to recover from a knee to the thigh." — Prince Maxon to America Singer
  • "I'm starting to understand how pointless it is to fight being in love." — Prince Maxon to Marlee Tames about America Singer
  • "I'll love you until my very last breath. Every beat of my heart is yours. I don't want to die without you knowing that." — Prince Maxon to America Singer right after he was shot.
  • “‘In those seconds, I was mourning everything I’d lost. How I’d never get to see you walk down an aisle toward me, how I’d never get to see your face in our children, how I’d never get to see streaks of silver in your hair. But, at the same time, I couldn’t be bothered. If me dying meant you living’ — he did his one-shoulder shrug again—‘how could that be anything but good?’” Maxon Schreave to America Singer about his feelings the moment he was shot
  • I know you see a king here, but let me be clear; this isn’t a command. This is a request, a plea. I beg you; make me the happiest man alive. Please do me the honor of becoming my wife.Prince Maxon proposing to America Singer
  • "‘Isn't that remarkable? I suddenly love you a hundred times more,’ he [Maxon] said, quietly and in awe. ‘And I didn't think it was possible to find love for a person I don't know at all.’ King Maxon to America after she told him about her pregnancy
  • "A lot of things are yours, America." Prince Maxon to America Singer, after she claimed that the 'ear-tugging' was hers, when he was supposedly sending her away.
  • "I should've proposed that night in your room." — Prince Maxon to America referring to the night in The Elite when America said she wanted him.
  • "Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway." — Prince Maxon to America in The One after he was shot.
  • "You are not the world but you are everything that makes the world good. Without you, my life would still exist, but that's all it would manage to do" - Prince Maxon to America Singer, in his last love letter
  • "His whole world has hung on her since they met." - Gavril Fadaye to Eadlyn Schreave about Maxon and America


  • The Prince is written in Maxon's POV and takes place before the competition begins and few days after it began.
  • Maxon has a childhood friend from France named Daphne. She was the only girl he had ever met before the Selection. She liked him but he didn't return feelings in the way she wanted. They remained friends and later Maxon's son, Ahren, eloped with Daphne's daughter, Camille, in the end of The Heir, leaving America in a surprise heart attack.
  • Maxon's birthday is August 23, according to Kiera Cass. His star sign is Virgo. His birthstone is Peridot.
  • He is of Hispanic descent through his mother.
  • His birthstone, along with America's birthstone, Amethyst, were on the wedding ring he gave to her.
  • Maxon had never kissed anyone before the Selection.
  • His wife, during the Selection, kneed him. He shared his first ever two kisses with her, as well.
  • According to Celeste and America, Maxon is a good kisser.
  • He loves to take photography and reckons that if he wasn't the prince, he would want to have that job.
  • According to America, Maxon towers over his mother.
  • If Maxon wasn't the prince and if he was able to choose his career as a photographer, his caste would be a 5, like America said in The One.
  • Maxon was originally set to be 23 years old, as stated in a deleted scene.
  • Maxon's hobbies include photography and hunting.
  • Kiera Cass said that "originally, Clarkson was supposed to die. Maxon would die, too. Amberly would live and she would adopt America because she always wanted a daughter. America would eventually choose Aspen and they would become king and queen, which I was fine with because I think Aspen would be great leader, I thought he would've done a great job. But I realized that Maxon was the harder choice for America. In order for Maxon to even have a chance, he had to be alive. I know it's a lot to take in, but it happens the way it happens, on paper."
  • Kiera Cass stated that if the Southern rebels hadn't attacked the day Maxon was supposed to choose between America and Kriss, he would have chosen and married Kriss.
  • Kiera Cass said in her Journal Inspiration week day 2 that Zac Efron reminds her of Aspen, but there are some moments that Zac reminds her of Maxon.
  • When Maxon showed the scars on his back for the first time to Eadlyn, he said that the first time that King Clarkson caned him was because he told him "You cannot let that whore in here again" after seeing the King's mistress leave. The last time was when America said she wanted to eliminate the caste in the Report.
  • Maxon was 11 when he was first caned by his father.
  • Eadlyn mentions in The Crown that whenever it rains Maxon will always sweep America away and go outside and dance in the rain. She even caught Maxon dipping America in the hallway and she just "laughed and laughed."
  • His father's affair resulted in an illegitimate child who turned out to be his half sister, Lady Brice Mannor.
  • Once, his father dislocated Maxon’s shoulder before he caned him.
  • According to Eadlyn he tells a lot of terrible jokes.


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