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[May was] really beautiful. It was more than her face, though, more than her winning smile and bright eyes. May radiated an energy, an enthusiasm that made you want to be wherever she was. May was magnetic.
America Singer on May Singer

May Singer is a supporting character in The Selection Series.


May is America Singer's younger sister and the youngest girl in the Singer family. She looks a lot like her older sister, America but the two have completely different personalities. May is seen at the beginning of The Selection at their home, again at the royal palace while celebrating Halloween and nearly at the end of The One during the funeral of Shalom Singer (her father). She is also seen reassuring America at her wedding. May occasionally wrote letters to America while she was in the Selection.

In The Heir, she has two nieces and four nephews: Astra, Leo (Kenna's and James's children), Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Osten (America's and Maxon's children). Eadlyn mentions that May finds "a new love every few months or so" and she treated her nephews and nieces like they "were her kids since she never settled down herself". May has mentioned visiting Astra for her dance lessons, visiting a game of Leo and she often visited Eadlyn during her Selection.


May has an outgoing and hopeful personality. May was America's only solace during many hardships, like Kenna's death. In contrast of America's tomboy-ish personality, May appears very girly. An example of this is when her father wrote to America about May secretly wishing she hadn't grow any taller so she can wear her Halloween costume to her wedding. May loves dresses much more than America, resulting her to be a media darling.

May is romantic and boy crazy, and once America enters the Selection, May asks her about Maxon whenever she gets a chance. She also asked in most of her letters if America had fallen in love with Maxon yet.

May has a love of sweets to the point that America made a bet with Maxon that a tart would make May cry. Although May did not actually cry, she thoroughly enjoyed the tart. In this way, she gave Maxon an opportunity for his first official date with America.

May chose an occupation as an artist as opposed to that of one in music and had a small corner in her father's studio where she painted.

Eadlyn said that "I particularly enjoyed her company, and the palace always felt more exciting when she was here".


May, like her sister has fiery red hair. According to America, "May is really beautiful. It was more than her face, though, more than her winning smile and bright eyes. May radiated energy, an enthusiasm that made you want to be wherever she was. May was magnetic". May has blue eyes and she is a little pale. Her mom says that America and May look like twins. It is also known that May has bangs, but according to America, she often ends up annoyed with them.


  • "Everything about her was so effortlessly glamorous, and I adored her with a love close to what I held for my mother." — Eadlyn about May


  • In the bonus epilogue of The One,May has become a "media darling".
  • She is said to look like a mini version of her sister, America.
  • Maxon stated that he is in her debt because she won him his first date with America.
  • She has a talent for arranging hair. Her sister stated that "artist eyes can work in any medium".
  • She likes to do makeovers. Lucy was the person she had given an "amazing transformation."
  • On February 15, 2017, Kiera Cass responded to a question on Twitter asking if May ever married. Cass replied "I *think* she had many loves, but settled down later in life. Treated her nieces and nephews like her own kids, was very content."