Mr. Koskinen is a character mentioned in The Crown. He is the father of Eikko Koskinen, Prince Consort of Illéa and husband of the Queen Eadlyn Schreave.


Mr. Koskinen and his wife met each other "through bolts and screws." According to Eikko, they "have known each other basically their entire lives." They grew up in the same small town in Swendway. When they were eleven, some guys at school were picking on his dad, throwing his schoolwork in the mud. His mom was even smaller than him at the time, but she went right up and yelled at them and pulled his dad away. He was embarrassed, but she was enraged. She forced him into an alliance, and that night they met each other on a back road, ran to each of the three bullies’ houses, and stole the screws out of their bike wheels so they’d have to walk. For weeks after that, any time they saw that one of the bullies had replaced the screws, his mom and dad would go steal them. After a while the bullies gave up and walked.

When Eikko's parents grew up, and because they were very different people, they ran in different circles. Boy after boy came by for his mother, while his dad was spending weekends in the library. When his dad got older, he bought a bike. And one morning he woke up and found the screws for his wheels were missing, something that his mother had done. She did this until he wised up and started walking with her to school. Since then, they’ve been walking together everywhere. They married young, but waited awhile to start a family. They tell Eikko not to take offense but that they weren’t ready to share each other with anyone else, not even him. At some point, they moved from Swendway to Illéa, in a small Swendish community in Kent, where Eikko was born.

Eikko's parents are trying to hold onto their old customs. They "find themselves over omenalörtsy", which is like an apple doughnut. His mother made his father "a batch when they were dating, and it became their thing." They like to make it when something good happens, when they’re making up after a fight or when it seems like a particularly wonderful Friday.


Mr. Koskinen is even shyer than his son. Eikko says that "he’s much more comfortable with books than people, and it can take him a while to warm up to strangers." He thinks that if Eadlyn came to their home, his dad "might have spent most of the visit hiding in his room, but he’d have liked [her] all the same." On the opposite, his wife is more dynamic, "she loves food and music and is on a constant hunt for a good reason to laugh."

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