In the Selection Series there are many names that reflect a society with a bit more flare where more rare and uncommon names like East can be just as normal as names like Belle.

Unique Names In The Selection Edit

Female Names:

  • America - America Singer is the main character of the series and is named after a country that fought for freedom as her mother states America was a very feisty baby.
  • Tuesday - Tuesday is a character that competed in the Selection.
  • Emmica - Emmica is a character that competed in the Selection
  • Keller - Keller is a character that competed in a past Selection.
  • Eadlyn - Eadlyn Schreave is the main character of the Heir and is the daughter of America and Maxon. The name "Eadlyn" means "born into royalty" and is of old English origin.
  • Astra - Astra Orders is the daughter of Kenna and James Orders and the niece of America and Maxon. Her name is Greek and means "stars".
  • Celeste - Celeste is a character that competed in the Selection and was part of the Elite. The name "Celeste" is Spanish or Italian for a turquoise-blue color most called skyblue in English.

Male Names:

  • Maxon - Maxon Schreave is the king of Illéa as well as the husband of America Schreave and father of Eadlyn and Ahren. His name is of French origin.
  • Aspen - Aspen Leger is a guard for the Royal Family as well as the past love interest of America; his name is possibly a reference to Aspen, Colorado.
  • Kile - Kile Woodwork is the son of Marlee and Carter Woodwork. The name is of Gaelic/ Irish decent.
  • Ahren - Ahren Schreave is the son of America and Maxon Schreave and the younger twin of Eadlyn. The name is of German origin and means "eagle".
  • Kota - Kota Singer is the older brother of America Singer and a famous sculptor.

Traditional Names In The Selection Edit

Female Name:

  • Mary - Mary is a maid for Queen America and one of her friends. "Mary" is the English version of "Maria". A meaning is "beloved".
  • Silvia - Silvia was the tutor for the Selected girls during Prince Maxon's Selection. The name is Latin and means "spirit of the wood".
  • Anne - Anne was a maid for America while she was still a competitor in the Selection. "Anne" is a English form of the Latin name "Anna". Its meaning is "grace" or "favored".
  • Paige - Paige was an Eight who America brought to safety in the palace as a maid. "Paige" is an old French name and means "young helper/child".
  • May - May Singer is the sister of America and the Aunt of Astra, Leo, Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden, and Osten. The name comes from the month May, which comes from Maia, a Roman godess.

Male Names:

  • Carter - Carter Woodwork was a guard for the palace before he married Marlee and had their son Kile. The name "Carter" is of Irish, Scottish and English origin and means "transports goods by cart".
  • Aaron - Aaron Station was Queen Amberly's brother and one of Prince Maxon's Uncles. The name "Aaron" is an anglicised Hebrew name.

Extra Names In The Selection Edit

Kiera Cass mentions that she did not use these names in the Selection after she considered them: "Ruby, East, Belle, Jing, Michael, Blossom, Mima, Georgia, Shane, Prissy, Luz, Sky, Rose, Jade, Macie, Hope, Finn, Braelyn, Calla, Joanie, and Odetta"

Later, Georgia was then used for the name of a Northern Rebel. Certain names like Jing or Luz are very unique.

Also Kiera Cass states that most of the female names were suggestions for her own children, but weren't used.

Pronunciation Of Names In The Selection Edit

According to Kiera Cass, certain names are pronounced differently than they are spelled.


  • Ahren is pronounced like "Aaron"
  • Eadlyn is pronounced like "Eed-Leen"
  • Kile is pronounced as "Kyle"
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