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Neena Hallensway is a supporting character in The Heir and The Crown. At first, she was Princess Eadlyn Schreave's maid, but was later "promoted" to be Eadlyn's Lady-in-waiting working at the Palace.


The HeirEdit

Although Neena is working at the palace, she states that she does not want to do this job for her whole life.

Neena has a boyfriend, Mark, who is a chemist studying biochemistry. He is studying all the time and Neena gets a call from him once or twice a week, as both of them have pretty full schedules.

She is sensitive about the different educational status of her and Mark; misunderstanding and being hurt when Eadlyn comments on it. Eadlyn later apologizes for sounding harsh without intending it. Neena tells her thereupon that "some people are meant to be together." She hopes to eventually leave the palace and build a life with Mark.

The CrownEdit

She is eventually "promoted" to being Eadlyns lady-in-waiting. Eadlyn describes her job as bring "[...] a mix of being a companion, [...] and then helping with the less glamorous side of [her] job, like scheduling appointments and making sure [she] remember[s] to eat."


Neena has black hair and dark skin. All maids wear caps, but Neena is creative with her hairdos. Sometimes her black curls frame her face, and at other times she twists the strands of her hair until they are all tucked away under her cap and other times there were wide braids encircling her head.


Neena has a very caring nature and is practically Eadlyn's good friend and confidante, though is cheeky and mischievous at times. She is known to speak her mind.

Eadlyn does not want Neena to go, as the maid always supports and cares for her even in hard times. Neena is proud of "her future queen," offering her assistance and advices without being asking for it.

She makes Eadlyn's fashionable dresses, sometimes together with the Princess. Eadlyn calls Neena a "mind reader," as she seems to know what Eadlyn needs each time, like a hot tea or a warm bath with "pieces of lavender."


  • Eadlyn likes it when Neena gives her hand massages.
  • She was a fan of Kile during the Selection.
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