New Asia

Name New Asia
Location Asia
Inhabitants Asians
Status At war with Illéa (formerly)
Approaching a Trade Agreement (currently)
Appearances The Selection, The Elite, The One

New Asia is a nation that was established after the war against North America, later to become Illéa.

About New Asia Edit

New Asia is believed to be the continent Asia. Elise Whisks, one of the competitors in the Selection, has ties to New Asia, which is the reason why King Clarkson chose her to become one of the Six Elites. After Maxon Schreave became king, he drew up a truce between the two countries and enlisted Elise as an ambassador. Thus he ended the war which was staged by his father to distract the Illéan people from the real problems they were facing in Illéa. In The Heir they are approaching a trade agreement. They have no idea if it is going to work.

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